Wednesday, July 13, 2011

recap of today

Earlier I wrote about how much I heart dancing. Well, today's latin fusion class sucked. With ten minutes remaining, I left. I couldn't help it. The instructor's sense of rhythm was off the entire class. The class was full and I was surrounded by people who had no inherent sense of beat. I couldn't take it any longer.
I sat in the sauna. Tried to. The first five minutes were blissful--just me. Then, four women descended on me. Three of them seemed to understand space issues. The last one to arrive sat right in front of me. Who does that? There was plenty of room to sit elsewhere. I felt confined and ultimately, annoyed. I waited, hoping this woman would either relocate or leave to no avail. Finally, I called it quits, showered, and returned home. Considered the irony of the day. Typically, I love dance and the prospect of the sauna completely held my attention when it came to whether or not I would go to the gym or not. I forgot to mention that my bike tire was flat. Instead of cycling (like I had planned on), I drove.
I made an avocado, tomato, toasted cheese sandwich. Delightful.
Brief siesta and then the prospect of volleyball. Complete day and so looking forward to this particular activity. Last week's match got canceled due to the dust storm. Tonight, I just wanted to have a nice game.
I arrive. Notice that the overhead lights are out and that there are seven players. Seriously. Another setback to my day. First the flat tire, than the lousy class and now this. Still, I walk over and we contemplate the situation. Does anyone know of a nearby place we can play? After a few minutes of discussion, we head out. The first court was nearby but the sand factor lacked. Too much like concrete. Not to mention the drum circle that was going on. Then, someone thought of another place. I had no idea where the second court was. I followed the car pool. We arrive and the court is available, lit and short. I loved it. I felt like a giant. I could adequately block and spike. I knew it. Plus, tonight, for the first time, the teams felt balanced. We played six matches where in two of them, I was able to block a spike on highly competent players. I felt awesome.
Afterwards, I joined them for a celebratory beer. It was the perfect conclusion to a challenging day. Started out challenging and concluded in a positive fashion. I served consistent ace serves, spiked, blocked and fielded the ball well. Finally. Loved volleyball.

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