Friday, July 15, 2011

upcoming trip and thoughts

Packing. Sorting. Deciding what to take and what to leave. Dogsitting in Oregon. I cannot wait! Spending time with my sisters and having another opportunity to spend with my niece and nephews. Brilliant.

The weather should be perfect. Earlier this year, I visited and foolishly did not bring appropriate attire. No. I am stubborn and felt that my typical lifestyle of wearing shorts yearround could sustain in Oregon. Not so much. Thankfully, I had one pair of running pants that enabled me some comfort. Grateful that I had training to worry about and brought the pants along to ensure me running.

I lamented the weather, though, frequently. I missed the sun and weather of Denver. My sisters kept telling me--come back in the summer and check out how pleasant the weather is then. Seriously, the summer is beautiful and worth the crap weather now. You will see...

That is true. Tomorrow, I will see. I plan on bringing a jacket to contend with the weather at night. I think Jade said the weather drops to 50ish at night. Fond memories of jacket type weather.

I had to bring two pairs of running shoes to decrease the miles on my current pair of kicks. My other pair is my old pair of Saucony's that are functioning as my everyday shoes. I am a light traveler and so I do not plan on checking a bag or bringing unnecessary items. My friend, Jan, is completely different. She is checking a bag and bringing a lot of stuff. I believe it eases her level of discomfort and so I am all for it. I want her to be comfortable while visiting Oregon. To each his own or so the saying goes. Me, I do not like to have to cart things around. I like to be able to check in, go thru security, and relax at the gate. I can carry my bag and my purse and not experience difficulty. Tasks easily accomplished. I want to say that this is how I have always traveled. It seems manageable, efficient and convenient.

I do plan on running while in Oregon, seeing my family and venturing off to my friend, Jean's, cabin. This will be a perfect getaway. I will find a way to distract myself with wine and beer, too. There is so much to explore and really, not enough time. I wish I had more time to see Jade and the kids. Perhaps I will return in the fall.

Must conclude this so that I can try to sleep. Early flight. Night~

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