Thursday, July 7, 2011


Massage. Finally scheduled one. Needed it.
I contemplated the pro's and con's of going. It's been a few months and I enjoy body maintenance. I have been attending yoga, regularly, but skipped this week's class in order to check out a spin class. I could use some recentering and detox. I wanted to get worked over. Since I began running, my quads are tight. I could get a massage, daily, and benefit from it. Seriously. My tendons are tight. That is what sort of tipped the scales. And, I told myself that I would go to the gym later. No spin class, but the treadmill could be utilized. The 1/2 is not going to run itself. I must do the work.
I arrived at the studio and had my doubts. Not that it wasn't clean or professional, just, for whatever reason, I felt that my massage would be sub par. It was. The therapist was a female and when she asked me what I was looking for today, I was honest. I told her that I was a little hungover, wanting to relax, that my legs were always tight (from training--running in general) and that if she found an area of concern to work on it. I thought I was clear on my wants.
Apparently, I wasn't. All she heard was legs and relax. She started with legs which I didn't like and worked a little. Pressure was decent but she could have done more.
Finishing up, she moved onward to my back and I found that she was working mostly with one hand only. I was frustrated. I didn't want a swedish massage. I wanted more pressure and her to work out some of the kinks in my legs and my back.
I flipped over and she continued. Leisurely massage.
I contemplated how I could end it and get my money back but knew that wasn't an option. I was committed to the massage. I tried to make the most of it and it seemed to take forever. Normally, massages go too quickly. I don't know. Somehow, time stopped and that 55 minutes felt like two hours.
I will return to the studio and inquire about their available therapists. My last therapist was a guy and I really liked his pressure and technique. He was a runner and so he understood some of my leg issues. I suppose I am hoping to find a sub for him.
I have been spoiled. I love receiving bodywork and have met some incredible therapists along the way. Today, this woman was not skilled or gifted in this craft. I remember thinking about that while on her table. I wish that I could get a massage from Bryn or Melody today. They both rock and have awesome pressure.
Next time, I will find out my therapist options and make a decision. I will also be more clear as to what my needs are. I did make it to the gym and cycled. Cross training embraced and seems to be suiting me.

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