Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feel like a Pepper.....

I went to a latin fusion aroebics class this morning. The gym offers a few classes that interest me--spin, boot camp circuit and the latin class. Described as a calorie burner that focuses on samba and other styles of latin dance. I figured--why not? What did I have to lose?
I arrive ten minutes early and watch as the class fills up with a mix of women--young, old, asian, mexican, black and white. A true melting pot of people which was pretty great, I thought. I stood in the back to be near my water bottle and keys. The instructor arrives and she is hyper. We begin with a Shakira song and follow her lead. That songs ends and the next one is hip hop. I am enjoying her moves and forget how foolish I probably look. As the class continues, I realize that the instructor really likes to shake her booty. I am all for it inspite of how I must look. I sort of understand the beauty of Zumba. If you truly forget about how foolish you look, it must be a great workout.
For an hour, we dance with breaks between songs. I enjoyed the dance aspect, but could sense that others would have preferred a little more instruction. I would have kept going, too. Some of the breaks were too long and really broke the burn of the class. The instructor did not have a head set which would have made the class easier to follow. The girl to my right told me, a few times--wow, you are getting it.
My response--I like to dance.
It reminded me of being a Pepper in high school. I was on the drill team for two years and watched my sister perform for two years as well. Of course, I wanted to be a Pepper after watching Michaela. I would sit, after school, and watch them practice for upcoming games. She was my ride, after all. I had to sit and watch or pretend to do homework. Mostly, I watched. I learned the routines and enjoyed teaching them (a few times) when it was my turn to be on the squad.
Today definitely reminded me of that. Listening to the music and finding the beat. I think I will return to try out a different instructor. I was fine until she started in on the some of the latin dances. Only because she didn't really instruct. She just danced. I think a little direction would have made it more enjoyable.
Decent workout and mostly fun. Sometimes, exactly what you need. Plus, it's Tuesday which means I have volleyball to night. Yea~

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