Tuesday, July 12, 2011

reminiscing the dance factor

I just wanna dance.....lately, that is. Seriously. I love it. I wish I liked going to clubs. I don't. Paying a cover to get in, weak drinks (at best...definitely not wine), and lots of sweaty people. Last summer while visiting Shar in the Bahamas, we had one night of dinner and then one more drink. One more drink at a dance club turned into us out til 4 am, dreading the scuba dive we had set up the following day. Looking back, I don't regret the decision to dance the night away. Pure bliss. I think I spent more money on water than the weak drinks that they seemed to be pouring.
My last night of dancing happened in Rocky Point on my last visit. I convinced my friend, Jonny, that we should go out with some of his guys. They could take us to the local bars and we found ourselves in some nondescript bar that had a dj. I told him if she played Juanes he would have to dance with me. Of course the dj was familiar with Juanes and so we danced. It was great and I only wish they would have had more music from the States. I can't believe I admitted that. In the past when I have traveled to other countries they play tons of music from here. I always want to hear the local music. That night, I wanted variety and more dance music. More selection. I was in the mood to dance.
Anyways, grateful that I will have another opportunity to attend the booty shakin latin fusion class. No joke. The instructor loves to shake it. I had to chuckle, watching some of the reactions of the older ladies. I can sense/see their discomfort and the instructor just kept going. Yet another break out-shake out. Helps the core, too, right?
I thought about going for a run this morning. Key word--thought. I went last night and so I am not beating myself up too much. I met up with a group and had psyched myself up to deal with the heat. It was a cool temperature of 100 at 7 pm. I had hydrated all day to aid in the cooling factor. I didn't think about the humidity though. The run was brief and I looked like I had went for at least 10 miles due to the amount of sweat I was sporting. Super humid and yuck. Still this run helped me adapt to the heat. Next time it will be easier and I will go farther. Slow, steady, and committed to it.
Combine that run with the multiple spin classes of the last week and you can see how my quads might be beat up. They are. They could use a break from the constant abuse or I should invest in another massage. Always an option, but unlikely, this week. I have other priorities--volleyball, spin (tomorrow) and then I have a friend in town. Meaning we will bike around instead of driving. I can count on that fact for sure.
Today, though, the focus is on dance. It will be great. A nice change from the typical run or cycle class. In some respects, I wish I had went to Mexico. The swim factor would come into play. Although, I think the water is like bath water at this point. Plus, super humid. Not as inviting as visiting in April or May.
Dance first and then the prospect of volleyball. Last week that activity got canceled when an immense dust storm blew over the city. Hoping there isn't a repeat of that tonight.
Great way to start the day---dancing. Enjoy your Tuesday!

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