Tuesday, July 5, 2011

holy sandstorm!

The night started off beautifully. It's Tuesday. Volleyball with friends. I stopped by my favorite viewing spot and captured a few shots. I looked around and noticed some clouds that were looming. I continued to focus on the sunset. I headed up towards the bathrooms and this guy stopped me and suggested that I find shelter. His exact words were--see the onslaught of sand? Well, we should be hit in two minutes. Go to your car or seek shelter.

I snapped a few photos of the clouds. I wasted a few minutes and could not believe how quickly the weather changed. No more sunset. I was engulfed in darkness and the prospect of sand. Taking photos and not too concerned with my shelter. The guy drives buy me and says--you okay? You have somewhere to avoid this?

I told him thank you and got in my car. I called my friend to see how long these things normally take. I wanted to stay near volleyball if there was an opportunity to play.

She didn't answer and so I started to drive back west. On the radio it mentioned not driving unless you had too and if you couldn't see; well, then, pull over and don't drive.

I am stubborn and continue to drive. Thankfully, there were not that many people driving. Challenging, sure, since my car was coated with sand/dust/dirt. As I headed west I found rain. Grateful for the rain, thunder and lightning. Beautiful night. Only would have been better had I been able to play volleyball before the storm.

Nevertheless I did enjoy the photos. I hope you do too.

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