Wednesday, July 6, 2011

recap of sunday meal

I thought I would update my Sunday night dinner as it seems to be a theme for me as of late. Since Sunday was sort of a holiday, my friends and I had differing plans. They were going to spend time with family and work friends and I had a shin dig to attend with friends from my past. Carrie would be in town and they were celebrating her birthday along with another guy that I did not know. I told my friends to enjoy the night and headed out.
One quick stop. A margarita sounded delicious and so I pre-cocktailed to be in party frame of mind. Hit the spot. I drove over to my friend's house and was in awe of what they had done. Misters, a kid's pool and adult's pool, numerous tents, a porta potty, built dance floor and hundreds of disco lights. Very cool and definitely the place to be. I recognized a few people and decided to mingle in order to meet others. The party was hosted by two roommates. Kirsten's family lives here and so they were available to help with some of the duties. Stocking the table, making sure everyone knew where the ice was and they were making bags of popcorn. Like I said, this party was well-planned and managed.
I stayed for a few hours, people watching and reminiscing with old friends. It was a holiday weekend and I had no intention of overstaying my limit. As such, I missed the food aspect and opted to make something when I returned home. I had leftover penne pasta with ovenroasted tomatoes and garlic that I knew I could doctor up. I have been on an egg kick. Not kidding. All weekend our breakfast was toast and over easy eggs. Heavenly. And, I found some article in a magazine promoting more uses for eggs. Traditional huevos rancheros, omelettes, egg salad sandwiches, egg in a hole, and a few others. The one that really caught my interest was the over easy egg over pasta tossed with garlic, olive oil and chiles.
That had been on my mind ever since I saw it. I knew that would be my dinner. My only fear was that my roommates would want some of it, too. There was only one egg which would not work for the three of us.
I returned and tried to be quiet. I didn't know if they were asleep or not. After being run over by their dogs, I knew that they had not yet returned. They have two Akitas that I adore. Both had been inside for 5+ hours and needed to be let out.
After settling the dogs, I went to work. For once, I managed to make an excellent over easy egg and the meal was delightful. I think in the future, I would add some additional heat to it to contrast the egg. That night, though, it really did make me happy and I was grateful that no one had tossed the pasta out yet.
Yesterday, I attempted the egg in a hole with similar results. Pure morning bliss. I made some adjustments. The recipe recommended smoked salmon. I didn't have any and so I substituted roasted tomatoes and leftover asparagus which added nicely to the overall dish and appearance. Great color and a nice way to begin the day.
This egg kick is nice and it is helping me be more creative. Love it.
Tonight, I am making stuffed peppers with chickpeas and cous cous. We shall see how that works out. First, though, there is this spin class that I must contend with. I figure it is a nice way to cross train for the upcoming half. That is my mantra for the motivating part of my day. Great cross train activity to produce positive results for the half. Looking forward to seeing friends and accomplishing another fun t-shirt.

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