Thursday, May 15, 2014

1111--some of the best of me....

I began this blog as a way to stay in contact with my friends and family while traveling in 2007-08.  It was a trip that made sense to me only.  I think the majority of my friends supported me and were concerned about where my head was.
I wanted to heal and if I died, i was okay with it.  Grief is a terrible thing that one must go through.  Thinking you can outrun or avoid it is a mistake.  It catches up and overtakes.  My trip represented a time of healing and time of me not caring about what the outcome would bring.  I felt ready to embrace the next life.  I had sustained a tragic loss and wanted to meet him.  So, I left my job and traveled for 5 1/2 months.  I ate carrot cake, daily (yum) and then couldn't figure out why I had a little sugar belly.  Obviously, my dessert fixation created that.
At any rate, I have posted since my trip around the world and reach 1111.  It is an important number.  One that I meditate too when I catch it on the clock.  I thought I would express some of the best of my life in this post.
 Fiji.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I was visiting Wayaleilei.  I snapped this photo at the beginning of my journey.  I had no idea of what I was doing or where I was going.  I just knew that I was free.  Free to heal, meet people and see the world.
#9--Yea, of course, I had to go to Penfold's.  I fell in love with the 389, Shiraz/Cab  blend, Grange and forced many other people in my life to drink this juice, too.  Never disappointed.  While in Adelaide, Australia, I managed to arrange a wine tour that included me making my own blend of 389--grenache, shiraz, mouvedre.  They gave my my combo after I tested out three different blends.  It was a glorious day.
#8--Simon's town, South Africa.  Love this photo. It still inspires me.  I snapped it on an overcast day. Shari, my friend, chose to blow it up and as I ran my first full marathon, I was greeted with this image.  Yes, I was inspired.  I hope, one day, to return.
#7--Race for the Cure with my dad and my step mom.  Denver, 2010.  Two weeks before my first marathon. I remember this fondly as my dad and Dori visited me in Denver.  We dined at Elway's and they let me pay. They didn't scoff at my decision and they loved their steak.  My dad has always questioned my career choices.  Well, that was true until we dined at Ruth Chris Steakhouse one year and I paid the tab.  I think he got it then.
#6--First time in NYC.  Adored the city and managed to have an incredible meal at Daniel.  Phenomenal meal at Daniel.  I met him and took a tour of the restaurant.  Drank a bottle of Ridge Zinfandel and returned to my hotel.  Delicious.  I spent a few additional days in the city. Checked out Stacks, Bar Bouloud, Colicchio's place (where I sat across from Flay and he chose the same pizza that I did--I felt so honored) and had dinner with Manraj from Denver.  NYC was a great venture. friend, Jan.  I met her in 99.  When I went on my healing venture, she and her hubby met me in L.A. to see me off.  Veronica, my car that I adore, stayed at their home while I galivanted on the southern hemisphere.  I returned had dinner at Los Dos Molinos (delicious. crazy hot mexican food in Phoenix) and returned to Denver.  A few years later, I convinced Jan to visit me in Denver.  We went hiking, to Manitou Springs and the Botannic Gardens.  Jan is a true friend that has supported many of my whims.  Recently she moved me to Santa Fe for example.
 #4--Venice--trip to see Agnese.  I met her while she was visiting the Goddess in Denver.  I chose to go to Europe (sounds awful, right).  Her parents live an hour south of Venice and so we took the train into the city and spent the day there.  We frequented pubs and enjoyed the city.  Gorgeous.
 #3--My sister's wedding in Oregon.  I found this gem of a pic--two of my nieces and my two sisters.  I love it.  We all met in Oregon to celebrate Michaela's nuptials.  Emma joined the family and Mackenzie blossomed into a young lady.  I felt fortunate to celebrate with these quality ladies.
 #2--Paso Robles.  View from Bianchi Winery.  Sara Jo and I did a half marathon, last year, in Santa Barbara.  We had a few days in wine country and took full advantage of it.  I considered moving to Paso.  I loved it there.
 #1--Shari and I in Belize at Habanero's.  We were celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Brian's death.  Scuba diving, chocolate, delicious food.  I was embarking on a life change, too. It was a fantastic time in my life.  I felt very supported by friend and family.
 Bonus Photo#1--how could I not include my 30th birthday in Napa?  My sister, Michaela, Sarah from college, Pocketsize and Sara Jo celebrated with me. I felt honored to have these ladies with me.  We wine tasted at Chandon, Goosecross, Pina and Merryvale. Dined at Bouchon and then the Denver girls left me.  I stayed for a few additional days in Napa and explored wine country with a great friend of mine, Jarred.  He now co-owns a winery and is a winermaker for Renner wines.  He is a great guy.
Bonus Photo #2--Brian and I in Playa del Carmen.  Brian was my life.  We were celebrating our birthdays in Cozumel in 2005 and had an additional day in Playa.
Bonus Photo #3--why not include another one of Brian.  He changed my life for the better.  This was us in 2004--i think.  Commons Park, Denver, after a Rockies game.  Our first date was at a Rockies game.  I will always cherish our time together.
Thank you for taking the time to view the best of me.  There are more food related awesomeness, trips, friends, wine, but these are the ones that truly stand out.  I apologize if I have overlooked anyone.  I have had an amazing journey with this blog, with my friends and with food experiences.  I believe it will continue and I am ready to be more creative/open with my postings.
Cheers to 1111!

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