Saturday, May 3, 2014

Days off, organizing and moving forward....

I bought a few items to make my place feel more like home.  A lamp to help with the lighting in the kitchen/bedroom and a bathroom organizer.  I return home and delay putting the bathroom organizer together.  I wanted to be lazy and couldn't decide if I would drive out to Ojo to soak in the springs or take a bath now that I have a bathroom stopper.  I chose the latter.
I opened the bathroom organizer box  and pieces were missing.  No instructions either.  Should have been a huge red sign that this was not the right organizer for me.  I returned to Target and changed out the organizers.  I returned home and started to put it together.  I was determined to get my place in order.  The finished product is okay but not what I had envisioned.  I will take it apart and hopefully find the perfect item while visiting Jenn in ABQ.  Hot springs can wait until another weekend.
I stopped by a few consignment places to see if I could find a bedside table or wine cabinet.  I saw one at Target that seemed likely.  It was on sale, thru today.  I held off and chose to consider my options.  I could order on-line or look at a few other options that I would have in town.  In addition, garage sales, consignment shops or drive to Denver and pick up the one that I already own.  Duh....that would be the most viable option.
When I left Denver in 2011, I left my plants with Sara Jo (where they have thrived) and a few other items with Bryn.  My wine cabinet has been in her house and used as a storage unit for the last few years.  I could drive up to Denver, see some friends and collect my wine cabinet.  That would be the best option.  Now, I just need to make it happen.
I am thankful that I wanted to start over again.  It is always exciting, fun, and new.  I have a few friends that I have met while visiting Santa Fe and I wanted to see them right when I arrived.  It was important, I thought, and I tried to force it. Finally, I realized, I want to take time for me.  I had a raging headache on Thursday and a hamstring tweak.  I think that due to both of those annoyances, my body was trying to tell me to enjoy being where I am now.  I made a lot of decisions that I haven't stopped to ease into.  I was go, go, going and I needed to stop and enjoy.  I do have time to see my friends, explore Santa Fe and find my niche.
Of course, I miss Phoenix.  Yoga.  I miss having options in terms of studios and instructors.  I miss hiking Camelback and my friends.  I do not miss having to drive everywhere.  Not going to lie.  I am loving that aspect of being here.  And the green chile factor.  I am determined to make my own at some point soon.  I can run and must start as there is a half marathon in July that I have signed up for. I have the accommodations squared and think I have some tastings arranged.  But, I am going to run it and not feel sore from lack of training.  Last year's half marathon was terrible since I had not been diligent in that regard.
I am heading to yoga and hopeful that it will be a stellar class.  Afterwards, I have some friends in town that I might meet or I might head straight to ABQ.  I am going to meet up with Jennifer and Travis and thrift store shop, hang out and spend time with friendly faces.  I think that is why I was so adamant on seeing the people I knew in Santa fe.  I want to feel comfortable and I have established friendships that I wanted to see, immediately, as a way to celebrate my start in Santa Fe.  And, I will.  There is so much time to make this happen.
Enjoy your weekend.  I intend to.

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