Tuesday, May 27, 2014

more of my Monday

I thought about driving to the library (a little over a mile away) and then I thought better of it.  I mean, I can walk a mile to return library books.  Why risk driving that short of a distance to have my car stall out or something?  I arranged to see the Volvo guy tomorrow, early, and I still had the chance to have my landlord look at the car, too.
So, I walked to the library, got new books and returned home.  At that point, I had a little over an hour before yoga.  I could take a bus and walk the remainder of the way.  I headed out with my new library book, yoga mat and sunglasses.  In hindsight, I should have applied more sunblock.  I burned my shoulders and neck.
Yoga was fine.  Class packed and the music was good.  This instructor used to dance and so I think she understands the relevance of music in the yoga studio.  Afterwards, I stopped by the local bank, had some enchiladas and a pedicure.  I needed to have my feet feel pretty.  It had been a couple weeks since my pedicure in Denver and my feet looked like a train wreck.  I thought about trying to get a pedicure yesterday but the car thing stopped me.
Enchiladas were delicious and of course, I was wearing my yoga attire.  I don't really care though.  I went to a local spot that is frequented by locals and tourists alike.  I stopped in after one and so I knew that the lunch hour would be on the decline.  I have been trying to act like a tourist on my days off.  That includes having a margarita or glass of wine.
I walked to the nearest bus stop and waited.  It was hot and I didn't want to stand in the sun without shade.  I kept walking and found another bus stop and jumped on.  I like that the fares are cheap and that bus was clean.  I made it home, showered and considered taking a siesta.  My landlord had offered to look at my car and so I wanted to take him up on it. I did, however, want to delay when we would be doing it.  The sun had worn me out.  I didn't want to ask him to help me out though this evening.  I really thought it was kind of him to even consider.
He looked at my car and noted, immediately, that the oil change guys had not connected everything back to its original place.  He made a few adjustments and my car sounded normal.  I knew that something was off.  I will go to my appointment tomorrow morning and have them check out some of the hoses and establish a rapport with my new shop.  I know that I will not be returning to the oil shop guys.  They suck!  They were more concerned about future business than the current state of my car. I took her in for an oil change.  I drove off of the lot and knew that something was wrong. My car was not running well, at all.  Sure I could have taken her back to have this reattach my hoses, belts, what have you, but I was fearful that they would mess more things up.  I have no faith in their ability to fix or maintain my car.  And, I have almost always, exclusively, taken Veronica to Volvo specific mechanics.  I should stick with what I know.
I will make dinner, drink some wine and read some of my new books.  It's summer and natural to embrace the world of books.  I remember all of the summertime reading programs when I was a kid.

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