Sunday, May 11, 2014

yoga styles

I know that I discuss yoga a bunch.  I didn't realize how spoiled I was by the yoga community in Phoenix until I relocated.  Santa Fe has a few instructors that I enjoy aspects of their classes.  Some have moderately challenging flow classes that I have come to like.  The music is terrible and that has not improved or changed.  The other day, on Tuesday, the girl played Fantastic Voyage.  I approached her afterwards and thanked her for including that song and told her that I preferred practicing to rap/r&b as it is all about the beat.  Yoga is like dance and an upbeat tempo aids in the process.  Or, at least, it does for me.
I spent a few days in Denver and thought I would check out a new studio.  I was a client of a power based studio for a few years while living there.  They offer bikram and vinyasa classes.  I enjoyed frequenting the studio and as a visitor to Denver, I would have returned to the studio if they offered a more approachable rate.  $20 to drop into a yoga class is too much.  I know that a sumit's studio is opening in Littleton and I considered stopping by to see their progress.  I believe they hope to open in early June.  I like the ladies that own that studio and looked forward to seeing them.  I wish it had been open.  I would have felt at home in that studio, I know.
Instead, I went to a different studio based on a recommendation from a girl in Santa Fe.  She said that she practiced with a few instructors from the studio and that they played awesome music.  To drop in was $15 and I was excited.
I should have went to the noon class with the instructor she mentioned.  However, I opted to attend the 9:15 class and roll the dice.  The music was terrible.  For me, my mind wanders about what I would rather be doing.  The flow was lame and I did sweat as the room was heated.  I just didn't feel that I benefited from the class.  My mind wandered and I kept envisioning jacking up my hamstring because I was bored and getting pissy from the crappy vinyasa flow.
I suppose the lesson is that I was extremely fortunate to practice yoga in Phoenix.  There are several studios that offer the yoga that I like.  Challenging, changing flows with music that I prefer.  I left feeling refreshed and that I did take time to focus on me and my health.
I remain hopeful that I will find a niche in Santa Fe to practice.  This one guy that seems to think he is a yogi god is not.  I have tried several of his classes.  The music is consistently bad--think cellos, chimes or slow.  We do a ton of half splits in each class and he likes to practice on other people's mats which is sacrilege to me.  I don't want to touch anyone else's mat, sweat or space.  Each class, this guy, is like--turn to the right and low lunge.  I cringe as I know there will be someone in my space and I tense up to avoid this.  Luckily there are other instructors, classes and studios.  I can avoid attending his half split based class.
Since I am closer to Denver, I will be visiting more often.  I miss my friends.  I managed to see quite a few of them the last few days.  We checked out a new restaurant and it was delicious. I drove around the city, trying to avoid the massive amounts of road construction and pot holes.  Cherry Creek is a complete mess and only slated to get worse.  I don't know what those businesses will do over the summer.  It is difficult to find parking and maneuver in and out of all of the construction.
I am off to work and might catch a restorative class later today.  I could use it!

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