Sunday, May 4, 2014

Days off

I found another pair of black slacks and a french blue shirt in ABQ.  Thankfully.  I was starting to freak out about not having options.  I do not want to have to wash, press, iron my shirt on a daily basis.  Now, I have options.  I can rotate the shirts.
I found a few other summer type of shirts, too.  We ran out of time to check out consignment shops.  Jennifer had success in her wants.  I could have taken more time to discover suitable clothes.  Then, I reached my limit on the whole retail experience.  We stopped into this one shop that targeted teens and twenty somethings. I didn't feel out of place.  I just had reached my limit on shopping.  I saw a few things that were cute.  I just was no longer in the right frame of mind to shop.  We stopped by a brewery to enjoy a few beers before we headed back to Sandia Park for the night.
Their house is charming and suited them well.  They have four dogs and one cat.  I felt, at ease, immediately, in their house.  The drive way was scary but I managed to not hit anything on the way up or down.  Steep, gravel and scary.
I returned to Santa Fe and have a a few things that I would like to get done today.  Yoga, ironing and then work.  My first real shift where I will not be following anyone around.  I am excited.  Training sucks. There is no other way to look at it.  It sucks to train and it sucks to train someone else.  Patience is tested on both sides.  I understand that it is best to just listen and stay out of the way of the person you are training with.  This all sounds great, in theory, but sometimes you have to identify how it could be done better.  It's almost impossible to not put in your two cents worth of experience.  And, in most cases, the establishment assumes the worst about you.  They think they will have to show you everything which sometimes is the case.  Being seasoned, though, that is rarely the case.  I need to learn the computer system and eat more of the food.  Tonight will be the first night that I can show off some of my skills and decrease any unease they have with me as a bartender.  Sure, some of the burning orange rinds is not in my wheelhouse.  I am all about the service aspect of it.  The efficiency of anticipating your need without you asking for anything.  I could improve on some of the mixology steps, for sure.  I can b.s. sports, entertainment, wine, food, travel.  Creating the epic drink of perfection is not really my forte.
I absolutely enjoyed my time in ABQ with Jenn and Travis.  It felt nice to relax and be with someone that I have known since we were 13.  I hope to see them again and soon. I think I will stop back down with some of the extra wine glasses that I have carted around with me from place to place.  She had one glass that they use as a wine glass and I have a plethora of glassware.  I considered dropping them off at good will but now believe I have found the perfect home for them.
Off to yoga and work later.  Happy Sunday!!!

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