Thursday, May 22, 2014

yoga thought of the day

Yoga continues to frustrate and annoy me.  I met an Ambassador the other night who leads running and other fitness oriented classes for a yoga based company.  She, however, does not lead yoga.  She understood my frustrations with the yoga scene in Santa Fe.  It's either vinyasa with terrible music.  They advertise that the music is upbeat, rock, folk or electronica.  Instead, I have heard chimes, yoga based music or completely lame music.  I know it is counterproductive in a yoga class to be so interested in the music.  It is about the zen experience and physicality of it.  However, for me, when the music is awful, my mind wanders into other places--work, boredom, why am I here, etc?  And then I get annoyed.  I do like a few of the instructors and I tolerate their music selection.  It's funny how this one instructor, in particular, loves half splits and temple.  We do those postures repeatedly in every class.  I am bored by his sequence, too. I have managed to find other classes to occupy my time.
Or, there is a studio that does not offer music with flow classes.  Instead they have level II, level  III, all levels, vinyasa are a few examples of available classes.  I have attended three classes with three different instructors and their yoga reminds me of being in my house doing a DVD.  It's boring and there are no chatarangas involved.  It's all--downward dog, walk feet forward, stand up and next move.  Triangle.  Oh, and I forgot.  They use props--two blankets, blocks, straps and other cushions.  I despise using props mostly because when the class is over, I want to leave.  I don't want to have to put the crap back.  It's annoying to use all of these props to "maybe" aid the class.  Today, I arrived late and the instructor advised me to pick up two blocks, two blankets, a bolster and a strap....what?  Why?
I asked her if I needed all of it. She goes, well, yes, I think you do.
I knew at that point it would be another lame class for me. I know there are people that appreciate this type of yoga.  I did stretch out my back, my legs, armpits.  I prefer a flow class with music, chatarangas and balancing postures.  Standing around or using props is not what I consider yoga.
The end of the class was more spiritual.  The instructor's father passed away 6 months ago.  They are having his memorial today and she closed with a quote.  It was wonderful and made me change my thought about her.  Perhaps I will try to attend another one of her classes.  I have a few additional passes to use in a 5 class pack.  Outside of that I will have to keep looking for the ideal spot for me or get certified.  Maybe then I would have more of an appreciation for the yoga featured here.  I miss the community in Phoenix.
Tomorrow I will hike.  I am ready to check out the outdoors here.  Everyday, I walk outside and am thankful to be here. It is gorgeous.

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