Friday, May 23, 2014

Today, I woke up in time to attend the 7:45 yoga class.  Since it's Friday, it was my belief that my current favorite instructor would be changing the music selection up.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be heading to Denver and looking for a different studio from the one that I used to attend.  Mira recommended one that one of her fellow instructors taught at.  I asked Mira about the music and explained how I had relocated from Phoenix and that I missed the community there, mostly, because of the music selection and challenging flow sequences.  Moving to Santa Fe had been an adaptation.  As noted in previous posts, I have been frustrated with the scene here.  Some of the classes are challenging and good.  The music selection has rarely improved.  She agreed with me and said that there was this one instructor at the studio in Denver that played rap.  I was immediately in love.  I like the rhythm of rap music and appreciate when instructors construct their flow based on the music.
So, today, I arrived hopeful.  It was Friday and Mira had mentioned that she liked to play more upbeat music on Fridays.  There were several people in attendance and I wanted a great class.  We began in meditation and then she started the music.
Crap....more of that yoga induced put me to sleep music.  I liked the direction of her flow but the music was making me crazy.  I almost had to leave because my mind was overwhelmed with how bad it was.  Afterwards, I compliment her on the sequence and request that she change the music.  I couldn't help myself and I figure if I don't say anything she won't know.  I feel confident that I am not the only person that feels this way on that point, too.
I ran into my yoga instructor from yesterday.  They had the celebration at the restaurant and I work at.  Ironically, her brother had worked at the restaurant for 7 years and every customer that sits at the bar mentions him.  Mentions how great he was, how tall he is and how I don't look like him.  I guess that is something.  His sister taught the class I attended yesterday.  I wasn't in love with the class as she wanted me to have blocks, blankets and bolsters.  However, I did appreciate that she stretched my lower back, arm pits and triceps.  I still feel the burn of one of the postures.  And, I loved how she concluded the class.  With a quote from Abraham Lincoln and an apparent love of her father.  It was very meaningful and a reminder to live in the present for me. I approached her last night and told her that, too.
Today is my day off and I am conflicted about how to spend it. It looks like it might rain which would be good for the city.  I wanted to walk to Canyon Road or around the plaza.  I want to enjoy being outside.  I find myself being a little lazy.  I realize that my job is limiting my ability to eat dinner at a normal time.  There isn't an opportunity to eat before 11 pm.  I return home to no food since I haven't stocked my kitchen adequately.  I need to rectify this. I wake up, lethargic and lazy.
I want to feel like a tourist today in my new city.  I think that is how I will spend the day.....

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