Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monday's events....

Yesterday I attended yoga, did laundry, drove to pick up some wine for this couple I was meeting for dinner.  While attempting that errand, my car started to sound funny.  Since I got the oil change, last Tuesday, my car has not been driving right.  I am no mechanic but I do know my car.  This shop handed me a laundry list of things that I could fix which I chose to ignore--air filter, wiper blades, a new windshield and others.  I think in their attempt to earn more of my business, they jacked something up in my car.  My car is an automatic but it seems to hesitate to shift into the next gear.  Transmission fluid or something in that arena.  I contacted the local Volvo dealership and had a name of a mechanic that seems reputable.  In addition to that route, I contacted a guy in ABQ that had been referred by my guys in Phoenix.  Then, I talked to my landlady--plumbing issues--and in the process of talking with her, found out, that her husband had been a volvo mechanic.  WTH?  She suggested that I talk to him before taking my car to anyone.  She said that when I drove up, her husband, commented on my car.  Out of respect.  I felt validated.
I have not yet spoke to Matteus.  That will be a focal point of today.
I walked to dinner.  I considered taking the bus but it was out of service due to the holiday.  I enjoy walking and so it wasn't an inconvenience.  I met Glen and Patty for dinner at a lovely restaurant.  We drank a bottle of Pinot Noir, ate duck fat fries, local lamb chops and a vegetarian napoleon.  We drank brunello and a sauternes as well.  Wonderful food, wine and conversation.  There was an artist with us as well, Yenny.  She was funny and added a comedic element to our night.  She talked of being single, artwork, current dating strategies and her family.  When I told them why I had chosen to walk to dinner (car related issues) she goes, oh, you have an Italian Volvo?  That is a car.
I am hoping to get my car squared today and see some friends.  I think I will pick up a shift this week.  I do have another dinner date with Glen and Patty on Friday.  It's nice to enjoy interesting conversation and food.  They have great taste in places that they want to dine at, as well.  I have a few days off, this week, and had considered a road trip.  That is until they decided to make a mandatory meeting on Friday.  Sort of jacked up any thought of roadtripping it to Phoenix for yoga, friends and wine.  I know there will be other opportunities to road trip and soon.
I could get a much needed pedicure too.  I found a place in Denver that was nice.  Although my nails were smeared two days later.  I should have taken the polish off, immediately.  Instead I stare at my toes during yoga, daily, and think that I should get a pedicure.  I need to go to the library, too.  Car is the first task, then fun.

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