Monday, May 5, 2014

A gorgeous Santa Fe sunset.  Captured in 2011.  I hope to catch one similar to this soon.  I have been working at the key moment and unable to catch a stellar sunset.  I am sure that I will see one soon.
Last night was great.  I arrived to find that we were locked out until the manager arrived.  I am always early.  I don't know how to be late.  A few other people are of the same nature.
I set up the bar and the GM appears.  I thought--crap!  I thought he was not working today and so I could wear these socks that are not completely black.  I did not like the idea of getting busted on a clothing technicality.  He asked me for a coin margarita.  I made two margaritas while he watched me.  I was nervous and the drinks were not fantastic.  He told me to use Herradura as that is what they use in their coin margaritas.  I chalk it up to him being there on a night that I was not anticipating his presence.  I do not feel bad.  I know that the rest of the night I earned the server's and customer's respect.  That is what I was hoping to do.
And, I did.  It felt great to see them recognize that I am worthy of this position.  Training sucks.  I despise it and it was challenging at this restaurant as the majority of the servers have been there for 5+ years.  I still need to learn more of their computer system.  I know that.  But, in terms of providing service to them and the customers, well, I have that down.  They just assumed that I did not how to bartend and/or serve.  Lame!
I work tonight and tomorrow night.  I have a few days off towards the end of the week.  I am seriously considering a trip to Denver to collect my wine cabinet and see friends.  I don't know what my schedule will be in a few months and so I figure, why not?  I reached out to a few of my friends to see what they thought about my impulsive trip.  I am still waiting to hear their thoughts.
If nothing else, I will explore Santa Fe and its surrounding areas.  I could still use that soak at Ojo.  Or, go hiking, biking or day tripping.  I drove through Madrid which was cute.  I did not have time to stop.  I rushed back to Santa Fe to attend a yoga class. It was the first class that I have sweat in, legitimately, but still not that challenging.  The instructor has an odd sequence and does way too many half splits for me.  There are no warrior poses and he likes to do the chair position and then have you flail your arms to the ground.  It's dumb and it makes me cranky.  I opted to attend a different class today and it was great.  Better sequence and nice gal that teaches. I wishes she had different music but perhaps that will come.
I am thankful for today and looking forward to discovering more of the secrets of S.F.  Cheers!

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