Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kindness of others

I worked on Sunday from 9:30-4:30.  There was no way to attend a yoga class and after the physical work out of moving patio furniture around and retrieving chairs from the upstairs, well, I felt like I had a work out.  Maybe not of the spiritual kind but I definitely got worked.
It was sort of cold and my section was outside.  The overflow.  The guy that I was partnered up with was also somewhat new to the restaurant.  Between the two of us,  we had five tables.  It was a long day.  At the end, I was annoyed to listen to the other servers talk about how lucrative a day it had been for them.  I headed to one of my spots to decompress and chat with one of the bartenders.  I wanted to enjoy my Sunday, too.
I ended up talking to this couple that was visiting from Pittsburgh.  They had spent the weekend in Santa fe.  We discussed restaurants, day trips and other things to do in the city.  I think we talked for an hour before they headed out to another restaurant.  The guy was a sports fan and he wanted to catch the hockey game.  The hotel bar had limited channels.  I remembered that from previous stays myself.  At any rate, the couple bought me a glass of wine.  Talk about the kindness of strangers.  It improved my day for sure. After missing yoga and working for the majority of my day, it was nice to be treated.
I finished up my glass of wine and wedge salad and headed home to make dinner.  I do enjoy the restaurant that I work for.  The only downside is that there is no way to eat while on the shift.  Last night was another reminder that I need to carry protein bars with me or eat at 11:00 at night. I try to avoid this occurrence if at all possible.
Last night, I bartended and it made up for the Sunday shift.  The bar was full and the servers seemed happy with my speed of service.  I chatted up this couple from Florida.  Each year, they spend the month of May in Santa Fe and have developed a restaurant they plan to frequent on a weekly basis.  Monday nights are my restaurant for instance.  So the last two weeks, they have dined with me while drinking Belle Glos pinot noir.  They are kind and have traveled quite a bit.  Last night, they bonded with another couple from Florida and two ladies from Connecticut.  The vibe was friendly and eventually they remained while the others either paid their tab or went to table service.  They started up another conversation with a foursome in the entertainment industry while I observed.
Of course, they included me in their upcoming Monday night plans.  We are closed on Memorial Day and so they seemed intent on inviting me to dine with them that night as I would not be working.  I think I might join them.  One of my co-workers thought it was pretty funny and implied that I would be dessert.  (I highly doubt that is their objective.  Truly, they seem harmless and that they just want to chat and learn about other people).
Last Monday, when I met this couple, they shared some of their wine with me, too.  This is a definite perk of this job.  Everyone is generous when it comes to bottle service.
It's snowing today.  I cannot believe it.  I thought I would be able to avoid that til next fall.  I guess it is a way to greet the city.  I will do laundry, yoga and then work.  I did manage to get a library card yesterday.  Highlight of my Monday.  It felt good to commit to being here.
Happy Tuesday!  Make it a great one.

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