Sunday, May 25, 2014

Work, staples and memories

More rain and a hope that I would be able to get out of working last night.  I had agreed to help them out by working on the side patio.  My boss wanted me to cocktail and help with some of the overflow.  The downpour offered me the opportunity to not work.
I tried to call in but, of course, since it is me, it didn't work.  There are some people who frequently are able to get out of working.  I am thankful for working and know that I benefit from it.  Money that I am not spending on dining out myself.  There is always that.
Next week, I have a few days off in a row but there is a meeting that I am supposed to attend.  Otherwise, I would head to Phoenix.  I am ready for a visit.  And, I would like to see my friends and attend a few yoga classes.  I so miss the yoga community in Phoenix.
Today, I am skipping yoga.  I am enjoying my job but I don't eat while there.  There is never an opportunity to eat unless I sneak in a protein bar.  Inconveniently, last night, I forgot my protein bar.  I worked from 4-11:30 and had a couple glasses of wine.  I am starving when I get home to find smoked almonds and tomatoes.  I had forgotten to restock my chip addiction.  Typically, I live on chips, salsa, avocados, coffee and wine.  Of course, I have a few other staples.  I just haven't taken the time to adequately stock my fridge.  Maybe I could do that on my next day off.  I am going to have to stock my fridge and protein bars.
I found an awesome little thrift shop, finally.  I was starting to mini-freak out as I now have a like of shopping.  Thrift store specifically.  I have never been a big shopper.  I spend my hard earned cash on travel, wine and food.  Not necessarily in that order.  As of late, I think food and dining are equal and travel is lagging behind.  I will remedy that in the next few months.  There is a wine festival in ABQ, upcoming, a half marathon in Napa and a family reunion in August.  I am undecided on that one.  Spend a weekend in Iowa with many people that I have not seen in 20+ years or go somewhere else. Maybe Oregon to meet my new nephew or Seattle to see Jean.  I found some photos from our summer in Mexico--98.  She hasn't aged at all and still remains one of the funnest people to spend time with.  I swear, we go into a restaurant that we know no one and within fifteen minutes we know everyone.  She is the ultimate extrovert and fun.
Last year, she visited me in Phoenix.  It was brief since Shari and I had been in Denver celebrating Brian's life while Jean and her friend, Kevin, spent time in Phoenix.  We met for a hike and drinks.  Glorious day.
I should consider upcoming travel as it keeps me grounded and in the present.  The opportunity to explore other cities inspires me beyond words.
So there is that desire to travel.  Wine will remain a staple and now that I am in Santa Fe, there are oodles of restaurants to check out.  I have sampled several on previous visits but there are still a plethora of options.  I must start cracking.
Happy Sunday!

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