Friday, September 11, 2009

another minor injury

I went running with the Goddess yesterday. It was a lovely run, feeling it, deciding to take an alternate route on Saturday, as opposed to our group run at the High line Trail system. It is a nice trail, but there are no potties and it's boring to run the same area ad nauseum.
We opted for an urban run and I was stoked.
Just as we opted to end our run, I stepped down, funny, and twisted the top of my foot. It hurt! But, I was able to walk it off and continue running.
Or so I thought.
5 hours laters, at work, I can barely walk. It is a struggle to move my left foot and so I take my shoe off to see how bad it is. It wasn't purple and so I knew that I hadn't broke it.
I iced it and continued working.
I returned home, thankfully, after a few ibuprofen/ice, was able to walk better. I called my aunt and Shari to inform them of my injury. Both of them are massage therapists and I feel comfortable assessing my injuries with both of them.
Shari asked me if I would be able to run the marathon. I had been thinking about that, too. How could I not? Of course, it is all I think about. I believe that I have created some anxiety and this is the reaction.
I will run. I am determined to do it.
I remembered that they have track on Thursday nights and so I headed to Wash Park to see my coach. He felt the injury and told me that it was a minor tendon strain or big bruise. He said---ICE, ICE, ICE and rest it. If you want to run on Saturday, than do. Otherwise, take a few days off and you'll be fine. He made me feel confident in my training and yes, that I can do it.
So, this is on my left foot. It is balancing from the other minor injuries that have occurred from running. I am happy with my training, with my comfort level of stretching and the decision to embark on this endeavor.
I am a thinker. Always have been and probably always will be. I think I allowed myself too much time to think--what if and what will happen? This occurred to show me that yes, I can overcome it and yes, I will be running on October 18th.
Have a great day.

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Morgan said...

YOU WILL DEF BE A-OK GIRL! Do NOT let this play tricks on you... just R.I.C.E up and stay confident! You got this!