Monday, September 14, 2009

Bringing the cupcakes....

I will be in Washington D.C. next week. I cannot wait.
I will see my friends, Marc and Megan, and Casey. He is going to meet me there to do a tour of the city, before he relocates to the midwest.
I haven't been to DC since I was 15. Back then, I dreamed of going to check out Georgetown and eating in the city.
Instead, I was with a family that I babysat for and although it was a legitimate vacation, I had little control over our trip plans. We walked by the White House, went to the Smithsonian and went to the Lincoln Monument. It was nice, but seriously lacked in what I would consider a vacation for me, now. I prefer dining, finding "the" wine bar and running.
I hope to go with Marc and Megan to a fun ethnic restaurant. I enjoyed them as neighbors and am looking forward to spending time with them, again.
Since I am trying to be a "foodie" or feel that I am in some respects, I told Casey that we would be dining in a nice restaurant of a certain caliber since it's my birthday and this is what I do.
For example, a few years ago, my girlfriends--the 3 Sarah's, Pocketsize, Sara Jo and Castello--and Michaela met me in Napa to celebrate my 30th birthday. We spent a whole day winery hopping and I had made reservations at Bouchon. Of course, I wanted to go to the French Laundry. I knew that no one would enjoy it the way that I would. Actually, I envisioned Michaela drinking water and eating pieces of bread. She doesn't enjoy food the way that I do and I wanted to fully enjoy that restaurant.
So, I made reservations at Bouchon and it was lovely. We had a wonderful meal with wine, chicken, fries, conversation and I will forever be grateful to those ladies for making my 30th birthday special.
Saying that, I paid for the dinner. I brought the cupcakes.
The Goddess explained to me that when you are younger and celebrating your birthday, you don't expect your friends to bring cupcakes, you provide them.
This makes sense. And, I enjoy it. This is how I prefer spending my birthday, eating food and creating a sensory experience.
Next week, I will bring the cupcakes to City Zen in DC. It looks amazing and again, I cannot wait for this food experience.
I don't know where I will be next year, but I am sure that I will figure it out and that again, I will be surrounded by friends, food and wine.


Redhead Running said...

I LOVE D.C. So jealous you get to run it!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blast in DC... it's definitely one of my MOST favorite places to visit! :)

scarlethue said...

Happy birthday!

My husband and I always celebrate with good food too. If you ever make it down south, you should come to Oxford, MS. There are several extremely nice, privately owned restaurants here that often get featured in magazines and such-- City Grocery, Boure, Snackbar, Bottletree Bakery, etc. There's a new one, Lenora's, that I hear makes a potato-wrapped sea bass that I'm dying to try.

We didn't get to go to Bouchon in Vegas, as much as I pushed for it. We mostly got taken to dinner by clients, so they got to pick. I had awesome lobster asparagus risotto on the balcony at Lavo at the Palazzo though.

harmony said...

thanks, ladies...for the birthday wishes and the DC props!
Rachel-any good bars you could recommend?
Morgan--always running and loving it. I will let you know how it goes.
Will check into Mississippi. Interesting. Bummer about Bouchon. Maybe you and the hubby could check it out. You won't be disappointed, I swear!
I am possibly heading to Vegas for xmas and will look into Lavo--thanks!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

I am trying so hard to remember the name of this place, but it's near the Four Seasons on Pennsylvania Ave. There was a whole strip of bars nearby (within walking distance) when you're headed towards Georgetown. One in particular had a wonderful selection of wines, and a list of martinis a mile long!! I loved it... Mango martini was my fave. :) I'll keep racking my brain and let you know if it comes to me! :)