Tuesday, September 29, 2009

need to detox....post birthday celebrations....

Four days in D.C. led to the beginning of an excessive week.
Granted, I ran 21 miles on Saturday. I felt that helped counterbalance some of the excessive behavior that I had been displaying while in Washington D.C.
I didn't stop there. Nope, I had to celebrate at the Rockies game and Sunday was my birthday and so no birthday of mine is complete without a glass of wine and a nice rich meal. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends. I went to Fruition with Dave and Tiffany.
Originally, a group of my friends had agreed to dine with me. I forgot that the beer fest was in town prior to my birthday and that my friends would be exhausted from dealing with the masses. Pocketsize wanted to go and I know that she would have to support me. However, I also wanted her to enjoy herself, not fall over from lack of sleep.
Next weekend, I am celebrating with them. I believe in the drawn out birthday.
So, the group of 8 dwindled to three of us. I loved it. We dined at Fruition, one of my favorite restaurants in Denver. I have met the host/owner on previous occasions and my friend, Jean, in Maine, went to high school with Paul, as well. Immediately, we were seated and drinking a rose sparkling wine, compliments of the house, for my birthday. I recognized our waiter from my last visit with Sara Jo and was dismayed to see that his service had not improved. I am tempted to say something to Paul about it, because normally, the service at Fruition is stellar. This one guy severely lacks. He poured the champagne and then disappeared for a half hour. Seriously, we sat there with our drinks (which we were thankful for), but no way of ordering an apppetizer. When he returned from doing who knows what, we ordered the appetizers and entrees to ensure food would soon be arriving.
We started with oysters rockefeller and beef carpaccio. Both were fantastic and next we shared a New Zealand sea bass, a pork chop--because I wanted haricort vert, and beef culotte for the duck fat fries.
The meal was tantalizing and the company was lovely. I always enjoy dining with Dave and Tiffany. Each have interesting conversations to bring to the table and Dave has an excellent palette.
We drank a bottle of merlot since I wasn't wowed by the wine list. They do offer a reserve list, but I didn't think it was that special. I know that they change it up, frequently, and they could add to it, in my opinion.
Afterwards, we headed to the Falling Rock for chimay. I felt it was the best way to end a lovely day.
As you can see...the excess did not stop in D.C. Instead, it found a way to continue in Denver. Next weekend I will dine with Steve and Sarah, and my dad will be here as well. They are visiting to do the Race for the Cure, next Sunday morning and we will dine at Elway's, Saturday night, so that we can celebrate father's day. Again, as I get older, I prefer dining experiences to gifts. Plus, I know that my dad will love the steak at Elway's and be intrigued by all of the cougars/silver foxes that frequent the place. It should prove to be an interesting night.
After next weekend, I must detox and prepare for the marathon. 3 weeks and counting...thanks for listening.


Unknown said...

HAPPY BELATED!!!! I am going to have to tell my dad I want to eat dinner at Fruition on your recommendation!!!! :)

harmony said...

thanks, Morgan! Absolutely, check out Fruition with your dad. You will love it! And, you will have earned it with all of your running. Cannot wait to see you in Denver.