Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rambling to justify why I delayed my run....

Yesterdays run with the Goddess was fantastic.
Initially, I struggled with the heat, the pace and just knowing that it was noon, and we were in fact, running. At Cheesman Park, I hit my stride and our conversation continued to flow. I was updating her on my recent trip to Maine and Boston. I think that I do most of the talking on the long days. I have ample material, normally, because of work, upcoming travel and food. I dream of new restaurants to check out, mac and cheese and wine.
Anyways, we left Cheesman and ran up to Alameda. Somehow I had forgotten the back to back hill factor from University heading west on Alameda. Yuck! It was a water break, the second one,that is.
From there, we did a loop around Wash Park and finished heading north on Logan. All in all it was great. I felt good. I felt calm and ready for October. We decided that next time, we will skip Alameda and run west on the bike path to eventually head to Wash Park. I believe in changing things up and I really detest doing an out and back style of run. Saturday's run will be like that. We will run on the High line Canal Trail, which is lovely, but in order to complete our time, we run one way and turn around at the midway point. There are no potties along the way and I get bored looking at the same stuff. I like to mix it up--a little urban, sidewalk friendly, more of life run.
Gadget loathes running on concrete. Somehow I think she has blocked out that the Denver Marathon is solely on concrete with the exception of brief breaks at City, Cheesman and Wash Park. The heart of that race is on cement.
Today is different. I slept in. I contemplated the whole--should I run now conversation or later? If later, on a treadmill or outside? Realistically, will I run after having wine with my tarot reader? Probably, it looks like I will be doing a short, easy run tomorrow morning, since I have a long one to look forward to on Saturday.
The Goddess and I are heading to Lucille's, after that, to celebrate the completion of 3 hours--I think. Or, really, I just want a bloody mary and it's nice to have something to look forward to after such a long run. The marathon is right around the corner--October 18th...I am trying to train, work and travel until then. It is going to be a great next few months...

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