Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcoming adventure

Tomorrow, I am heading to Washington D.C. I cannot wait.
I have been there, one other time. I went when I was 16 with a family that I used to babysit for in Kansas. They had relocated to Pennsylvania and invited me to spend spring break with them. It was my first and only time, skiing, and yes, we went to D.C. I loved the grittiness, then, and hope to explore more now. I feel that I will be able to appreciate its offerings more as an adult. I want to check out the food and bar scene.
I have reservations at City Zen on Wednesday. I hope to check out Bistro du Coin for french onion soup, Ebbitt's for a cocktail or oyster or two, and I am sure that I can find ample places worth checking out in Georgetown.
I am staying in the Dupont Circle for part of the time. If you have any suggestions on worthy places, please let me know. I love local pubs, dive bars, and of course, wine establishments. I like enjoying a glass of red wine, accompanied by bread and cheese and good conversation.
I am staying with Marc and Megan, tomorrow night, and we will either check out their neighbor's wine bar or maybe have home-cooked meal. I don't know. I am up for anything and both of them are skilled in the kitchen. It will be nice to catch up and explore the city.
Megan is going running with me on Wednesday morning. The prospect of running at sea level is awesome. I wish that I was doing the Nike Full Marathon in San Francisco, partially because it is at sea level and because I could run with the Goddess. She inspires me to keep going. I like that she sees potential in my running.
This week will be filled with wine, conversation and food. I have to run. I must. I will. I return on Friday, rest, and Saturday morning will be my longest run before the Denver Marathon, October 18th. We are scheduled to run 4 hours and we plan on accomplishing 21 miles. Yikes!?!?! But, I can do it and I will.
Have a lovely day. Again, if you have any recommendations for food in DC, please let me know.

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