Thursday, April 29, 2010

Concluding New York

After Colicchio & Sons, I walked back to 7th Avenue to check out the internet cafe that I had walked by. I needed my communication fix and didn't intend to pay 37 cents/minute at the Roosevelt Hotel.
Granted, I have spent more while traveling. I have gotten suckered by $6.95 for 15 minutes. Several times, in fact, in San Francisco. It is too much....I know this, but I justify the cost because I want to stay connected to the internet, on some level. Or, I enjoy writing about my food, while traveling, and so I have paid stupid amounts of money for limited time. It is foolish and I recognize it!
In NYC, I was curious about the internet cafe factor. It was in an ice cream parlor and the cost was $5 per half hour. This was better than I had anticipated and so I did it. Thirty minutes of checking e-mail, my blog and updating my status. Yes, it had to be done. I wanted to mention my lunch near Bobby Flay.
It started to rain and as I made my way back to Midtown, my friend, Mark, called. Finally, we were going to get together for one on one time. He suggested Grand Central Station. He told me to meet him at the information booth. I agreed, without having any idea where anything was located in Grand Central Station. I figured I would ask when I entered. Naive, about how large/congested Grand Central was.
Mark realized this and so he met me outside. We entered the massive station and I saw the market aspect of it---cheese, flowers, items for sale. There were a few restaurants. Not to mention, the oyster bar that had been suggested by the dining couple at Bar Baloud.
Anyways, Mark and I have drinks and converse, finally, on Wednesday afternoon. I had been wanting to meet with him outside of Daniel since I arrived in the city. Mark is user friendly--the restaurant factor--and interesting. I wanted to thank him for all of his suggestions and friendship. He had fantastic recommendations and helped me navigate the city.
From there, I returned to the Roosevelt, showered, and took my first cab to Tribeca. Again, Mark recommended a restaurant and called ahead to put my name on the list. Muni agreed to meet me, again.
I arrived and the place was packed. L'Ocanda Verde was a gem. Bottle of wine, red--obviously, lamb sliders, crab bruschetta, scallops and a side dish of mushrooms. Our meal was coursed and enabled us time to have a lengthy conversation about living in the city. Muni might be relocating. I would miss him. He is a great regular; but, if I had the opportunity to live in New York, I would take it. There would be no question. I would do it!
We finished with coffee and a cheese plate. I wasn't too thrilled with the server's suggestions regarding the cheeses, but outside of that, the restaurant was fantastic.
Cab back to Midtown, sleep, and then the morning trek back to Denver.
Sad. So sad to be leaving.
I have inspiration to return and friends to see. Dirty Chris eluded me. His schedule in Queens was too demanding or something. And, Mike Carroll was working in Astoria. Next time. There will always be next time.
Yes, the Big Apple pleases, inspires and thrills.

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