Thursday, June 23, 2011

Different approach to practice

New yoga concept--direct two different practices in one classroom. Success.

Here is how it happened. I had told Vanessa that it was highly likely that I would be missing the next class as I believed a mexico trip was in the works. I e-mail Vanessa about things I like/dislike and how I would like to see my practice evolve. This works for me. I enjoy having an open line of communication with my instructor. It gives me a sense of trust that in other studios I have not been able to build.

Anyways, since she thought I would be absent from the practice she altered her plans for the class. My trip to Mexico fell thru and I decided to head to yoga. I didn't e-mail Vanessa. I was on the fence with whether or not I wanted to go. In many ways, I knew that I would benefit from attending due to the super tight hamstrings. On the other hand, the studio is far and I was uninterested in the nidra class. If I was going to attend the class, I wanted it to be worth my time. I prefer the flow series. Since I had told Vanessa that I would be unable to attend (maybe) I was uncertan if she would be teaching nidra or flow.

I arrived, late. Tuesday night I had difficulty sleeping. Anxiety, stiffness, constant thinking. I took a siesta, woke up frantic and considered my options. Did I have enough time to make it to yoga? Should I try to do my own flow practice at home?

Then, I thought, just go. See how long it takes.

I arrived three minutes late. I walked in and there was the one lady that likes restorative yoga and the instructor. I unrolled my mat and joined the practice. Do a few breathing exercises and Vanessa stops, looks at me and says, "Harmony, I know you prefer the asana flow. I will direct you thru a flow series and Sheryl, I will have you focus on restorative yoga."

She told me to begin the sun series and turned her attention to Sheryl. While they focused on multiple hip openers, I went through four sun cycles and waited for more direction. She led me through a warrior two flow with the side angle, triangle and 1/2 moon being incorporated into the flow. All, in all, I think she was able to balance her duties through the different tasks. Eventually, we recombined the practices and I ended up finishing with restorative series. I think if we do this in the future, I would suggest continuing with balance instead of rejoining the restorative. It reminds me too much of hot yoga. Staying in a pose for too long. I prefer the movement and breathing that continues due to the flow series.

The other woman, Sheryl, is friendly. She misses the point of yoga, though. She focuses entirely too much on why she is uncomfortable in the poses. If she focused on her breathing, she would find enjoyment in the practice. Vanessa tries to be accomodating to this woman and aid her in the practice. It isn't taking yet. Sheryl is uncomfortable with yoga. I wish she would trust in the practice so that we could try more flow series.

Until then, I hope that Vanessa will conduct the class in this way. I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

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