Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Making progress while dealing with a cold. Sounds great, right? I had a whole post about this and then my account malfunctioned. When I logged back in, I had two sentences to work with. Nice.
I am inspired to attempt to recreate my thoughts regarding the post, though.

Progress in terms of things that I want to accomplish. Body maintenance. I attended a work shop last Saturday about life balance and one of the components regarded body maintenance. I sat there and watched as people absorbed the information. Most of them seemed intrigued by this thought of body maintenance.
This is an area that I do not neglect in my life. No, I have always been an avid supporter of massage, yoga, pilates, acupuncture, etc. Possibly, I should pursue pilates again. Core strength, is essential, I am finding to be preventitive in health purposes. Yoga occupies my time, somewhat. I have found a studio and instructor that I enjoy. Last week, we practiced yoga nidra which was unique. Controlled relaxation, semi-meditative state, and little physical effort involved. I liked it, but prefer the physicality of yoga. I e-mailed the instructor that I would be interested in trying the nidra again if half the class would be devoted to the physical practice.
Yes, I feel it is imperative to tune up your body like you do your car. Maintenance is required for your car and most people, begrudgingly, will pay for oil changes. I follow the requirements for my car. Veronica is a great vehicle. I take care of her because I love my car. As such, I have always taken care of myself, too. I was introduced to massage in 98. One of my friends had a girl that he went to every two weeks while he lived in Tempe. When I moved into his rental, I found Laura's business card and decided to check out massage. Since then I have had many massages and always benefitted greatly from them. Stress release, healing injuries, feeling good about the present moment even. It is a wonderful service, I think.
Last week, I located a studio and scheduled a massage. I had arranged a beach massage in Rocky Point, but flaked on the appointment. I thought about the location and how exposed I would be receiving body work. The guy is honest and I am not concerned about his integrity. It's everyone else's integrity, or lack of, that would be sitting on the beach watching the massage.
I had massage on my brain and I finally scheduled one. The girl I saw was kind and had good pressure. I told her that I wanted to relax and if she found areas of concern to work them out. Her technique was more based in deep tissue. That day, I wanted more fluid movements and not so much emphasis on deep tissue. I will return to the studio and ask for Jen, again. She seemed genuinely interested in my well-being.
In other areas of maintenance, I finally, got a hair cut. It's only been a year. Yikes! Hello, split ends. I love braiding my hair but even that was becoming chore-like as I attempted to conceal my unruly hair. Now, I feel free and liberated. Why does this service (hair cut) enable such a fantastic feeling? Seriously. How many times have you heard someone say--I wanted change and so I cut my hair. Or I colored my hair and now I feel like a new person.
I don't know about new person, but I do feel pretty darn great. Lots of possibility, positivity and more progress in my life.
Yes, maintenance is essential and desireable in my life. I should seek out pilates and/or more yoga. It would be ideal.

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