Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday night dinner

Domestic bliss. I returned and it was established that we would continue with the normal routine. I create meals based on their likes and my whims. Sometimes I wish I could be more creative, but it will happen.
Last night, I made salad and used some items that were about to expire. I had bell peppers, onions, celery, feta cheese, tomatoes, avocados and three different types of lettuce--bib, spinach and mixed greens. I pulled all of it out of the refrigerator and sorted through what would work. The mixed greens were done. I didn't even attempt to sort through that mess of green. The spinach would suffice.
The peppers, onions and celery were all in good shape. I found a different salad recipe and opted to make that specific dressing with some additions. It was balsamic, feta and orange. Sounded interesting. I decided to give it a go and not focus on whether or not my friends would like it. The avocados were unuseable as components of the salad. I looked for chips and opted to make guacamole with the ripe avocados and tomatoes. Perfect. We had limes and garlic which would add to the flavor of the guacamole. I figured if they didn't like the salad, at least, we would have guacamole. I knew that they enjoyed my guacamole.
I set the table, drank a glass of pinot grigio and told them that dinner was ready. I think we all had our reservations about the dressing. Thankfully, it was great. In the future, I believe a mix of oranges/tangerines would be preferable.
It was nice to be back and have a conversation around a table. While in Mexico, I offered to make dinner for my friends and they had little interest. I would have made enchiladas or something that could showcase my strengths. Next time. Maybe, I guess?
Yes, it is great to be back and be productive. I am ready to expand my culinary knowledge, too. I am ready to be inspired.

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