Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Continuing with the domesticity in my life, I chose to make dinner tonight. I knew we had ground turkey as my friend is trying the vegetarian lifestyle for now. I support her decision and it isn't typically that difficult, for me, to omit meat from meals.
As such, tonight, would be penne pasta tossed with a ground turkey based sauce. Last week while I was taking a break from domestic bliss, they made turkey burgers. My friend mentioned that the turkey was awful. She hated it.
I thought, maybe it wasn't seasoned properly. I could work with it.
However, I didn't know this until I had already prepared the mirepoix and added garlic, spices, tomatoes. The turkey was overpowering. It smelled bad. Yet, I thought, add more chili pepper or cayenne--anything to kill the stench.
Eventually, I gave up. Began again. I had plenty of onions, carrots and celery. I could make another base and add pasta sauce that they had stocked in the pantry. I think there were five options. I found one from 2004 and knew that I needed to make sure that I located the date on the label. Thankfully, the rest were fine.
Take two--create mirepoix and wait. Hope that this will suffice. This is the first meal that I have been disappointed in. Damn that ground turkey! I should have listened to my friend. She wasn't kidding. It really was terrible.
I almost don't want to tell her that I didn't believe her. However, I will be honest and admit that I thought I would be able to work with it. It was inferior for sure.
So, penne pasta with store bought sauce, doctored up to make more homemade appearing. Bread, wine and conversation!
Also, today is a lovely day. Some of my other dear friends are celebrating their bar being open for 14 years. Kudos to Steve, Chris and Alan on your continued success!

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