Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11

Couple of things. First, I cannot believe that 2011 is half over. Where did the time go? Seriously, it's June. What happened to spring? I will roll with it and embrace the summer. Still, this year has flown by.
Happy birthday to two special ladies--Joan and Shari. Each have impacted my life in different ways. Joan for welcoming me into her family in such a loving way. I look forward to Thanksgiving just to spend time with her and Dr. Bryn's family. The oyster stuffing is awesome, too. I have been fortunate to spend several holidays with their family and enjoy the food, conversation and love.
Shari is Brian's mom. She will forever be part of my life and a travel companion, I am finding. We have explored Costa Rica, San Francisco, Seattle, Santa Fe and Belize. In 2013, we hope to go to Bali to have a spiritual journey to celebrate Brian's life. Plus, today, Shari is treating her friends and family to pots du creme and beer. Stellar way to celebrate and enjoy life. I considered heading to the midwest, was enticed by a beach adventure and opted to stat put and attend a workshop regarding balance. I have been trying to embrace a more spiritual type of life as of late. I suppose I could use some balance or reinvention even. Who doesn't have room to improve their lives?
I believe in like attracting like and feel this is a natural part of my current path. I met a lovely group of people and the main woman reminded me of my friend, Melody. Similar positive outlook on life and super enthusiastic about sharing her zest for life. Yes, this woman reminds me of Melody. Which inspires me to consider a trip to one of my favorites cities. Surely there are more restaurants to check out or I could surround myself with what is comfort to me. Someday, soon, I feel.
Tonight, I will make dinner, drink a glass of wine and toast these two wonderful women. Happy Birthday, Joan and Shari.
Dinner tonight is borrowed from Motorino via Smitten Kitchen. I enjoy this blog and have yet to be disappointed by any of their recipes. And, I went to Motorino with Manraj last April which was excellent in its own right. When I go back to the Big Apple, I am definitely returning to sample the fare.
Happy Saturday and Enjoy!

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