Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I meant to update this last night but got preoccupied with other things. I have some friends in town, others out of town and opportunities to network.
I accomplished the networking aspect by going to play volleyball. I always loved volleyball and at one point, was better than decent. I could set, overhand serve (with power) and spike. Because I am tall, naturally, people assumed that I would excel at volleyball. I did, for a while in high school. Then, I sustained an injury and became concerned with saving money for college. Sports would have to remain hobbies.
As I have aged, I have lost some of my natural abilities.
Serving. Definitely underhand it. Although, I feel I could work on that and eventually find a power serve. I want to. I think I could deliver a mean serve.
Setting. Still got it and enjoy setting people up.
Spike. Somehow I am now flat footed. I don't know. That is my excuse for my lack of vertical ability.
Last night, I went with a friend and met several new people. Initially it was her and ,I and ten guys. We warmed up, and immediately, I dove to dig a ball out and scraped both of my knees. Nice. Right away, I draw attention to myself with the blood.
We drew cards and she and I found ourselves on the same team. I thought it was interesting and felt bad for our third player, as did he. He had watched us as we warmed up. Like I had been doing. Of course, I was sizing up the abilities of other people. I could tell that this guy wished he had not come or had drawn a different suit.
Then a few more came and each girl that arrived drew a heart and was placed on our team. What are the odds of that?
Still, it was fun and I wasn't worst player out there. I remember thinking, well, just play and have fun. You are capable of returning serves and so that is something, right?
I look forward to attending more Tuesday night volleyball sessions. A lot of the people are involved in the food and beverage industry. I recognized two of the guys from one of my favorite wine bars and know that one of them was trying to place how he knew me or why I was familiar.
Afterwards, I drove home and got a call about heading back to Rocky Point. Who says no to this? I could enjoy more beach time and work on my tan. Plus, they needed some help with a wedding, thought of me and wanted to know if I would be available. Why not?
Well, I have friends in town. I could stay and entertain them. Or, reflect on my current path. Or, let's be honest, head south to Mexico. The minute that presented itself, I knew, I was heading there.
My friend, Jon, called me today and said--Come on, Harm, just drive down now. I have a few days off and we can hang out.
However, I have commitments and I will remain true to them. Mexico will be there. My friends are heading back to Colorado on Sunday. I want to see them.
I am finding that I need to leave my comfort zone and that is where I am truly meeting people and creating connections that will benefit me. Volleyball is an excellent way to meet people and work out. I missed it.
Next week, 8 pm will beckon.
Tonight, I am preparing enchiladas from a delightful red chile sauce that I made on Sunday. I think it will be delicious and the perfect way to celebrate a Wednesday. My friend brought home this gigantic bag of chiles and purposely put them in my line of sight, tempting me, to not cook on Sunday. He knew that I would be unable to resist the urge to make a red chile sauce. So right.
Anyways, we shall see how the sauce is in a few hours. Yoga first. Dinner later.
I am finally embracing ways to create space for me in the present.

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