Tuesday, June 21, 2011

volleyball and being called.....

I arrive for volleyball and there is a game in process. Thankfully, there is another guy that arrived late and so I had someone to talk to. Sal is from New York and friendly. Immediately calm and at ease.
The game breaks up and a few more people arrive. We draw cards and split off into teams. The first game I played on a team with four guys. Moderately balanced I thought. Two guys definitely were quite capable players. The other two had some strengths, but more weaknesses. The set up was the two strong guys next to each other, then me, and the other two. I suggested after a loss that we change up our rotation. I wanted to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. This guy, Ben, agreed with me. I think he could see what I was thinking. The second game with this group was better, but still our chemistry was off. One of the guys had absolutely no personality. Way too intense and he wasn't that great. I think he trains for tri-athlons. Obviously fit and had a decent serve, but nothing to contribute in terms of team work or help. He wouldn't dig the ball out of the back court.
As we are playing, I dive and reopen my wounds. Lovely. Gushing blood. Looked a lot worse than it was and drew many comments of concern. I said it was all for show.
We redraw cards and again, I am on Ben's team. I liked this since I knew he was a great player. I look at the third person and it is a girl. Crap. Estrogen team second week in a row. Still, we battled and eventually, picked up another player. Some guy that normally plays soccer offered to join us. It was nice to have an extra player and he helped a little. But he hurt us too. He would jump in front of me which would screw up the play. And, he didn't just do this to me. He was a ball hog in general.
We improved somewhat. Finally, I found my overhand serve. Yea! Grateful for that. Muscle memory rejoice.
At one point during the matches, one of the guys looks at me and says--you need a nickname. I think Harmony is your nickname and we should call you something else....hey, I got it....Sara.
I am like, what?
How ironic. I know many Sara's too. Several of my close girl friends are named Sara. I thought it was hilarious.
We ended when the lights went out. We were at match point. Perfect. I liked playing and remembered that I had some skills and a solid foundation to build on. Well, and more scars to contend with.
I look forward to playing again and hopefully finding a good fit on a team. Chemistry/trust is important. As the night progressed, definitely my teammates were more comfortable with me. Success and fun, too, even if they tried to give me a new name. At least it was a pleasant name and not something negative. Like I said, I have many Sara's in my life...Sara Jo, Pocketsize, etc....

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