Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday dinner

I had forgotten that I had been posting about my creations on Sunday night's. Sunday night seemed to be the one night where my friends and I would enjoy a relaxing, chill day, and conclude with a home-cooked meal. Easter was the first attempt and since then, we have invited others to join us. I enjoy the practice of it. Although, sometimes, I have been lazy and relied on Tom to grill so that I can enjoy one more glass of wine at my favorite wine bar. I am finding that to be counterproductive. I should cook. Grilling is great but we tend to eat the same fare. I like to challenge my skills.
Anyways, last week, I skipped since I had a friend in town and we were on the other side of town. His friends were interested in entertaining us which was an excellent change of pace for me. His friend, Mark, was a little heavy handed on the mai-tai's. Yes, he actually made stronger drinks that I do. It was crazy. We had carne asada tacos and guacamole. Yummy!
Today, a friend of mine texted me and asked what I was making for dinner tonight. My initial response was stirfry. I have been on a vegetable kick and trying to find ways to spice up the routine. Stirfry seemed like a nice change.
However, tonight, I stopped by the local farmer's market and purchased spaghetti. I had onions, garlic and grape tomatoes. Inspired to carmelize onions and create a different dish. Carmelizing onions still sort of eludes me. My first attempt was years ago in the house I shared with Sara. I invited some of my co-workers over. I cannot remember the occasion. Only, that it took forever and without much success. I remember Brie commenting on my attempt. Funny.
This time I cooked the onions over a medium heat and added balsamic after they were translucent. I didn't want to overcook the onions. I watched closely and it was better. It improved and next time will be even more successful. I added garlic. When I put the pasta in the water, I tossed the tomatoes into the mix.
Flavorful and delicious. Plus, I have leftovers for tomorrow. Life is grand. I enjoy cooking and showcasing my skills even if it is a work in progress. Grateful for the reminder text. Next week, well, it is a holiday. I have friends in town or am considering a return to the beach. If that occurs, it is likely, that I will not be making dinner. Enjoy your night~

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