Monday, June 6, 2011


Today is a new beginning. Mondays inspire me. To be productive, be active, reflect on my current situation.
I am blessed and am reminded of it daily. I just read a blog about gratitude and it made me remember to be thankful for my present moment. This morning, I called my friend that has an appointment where she will either be relieved or unhappy. The not knowing is troublesome. I called her to offer my support and remind her that she is loved. I told her to smile, take a deep breath and laugh. Find something to be positive about. I mentioned that I would treat her to dip duo in the near future. I want her to know that I am here to listen.
Another friend is beginning a new job today with her dad. He will groom her to be part of the company business and I am thrilled for her. She is such an asset and a ray of positivity. For years, she worked with a coffee production facility where I benefitted from free coffee. Yes, I miss that factor, but know that it is time for her to bloom in a different area of life. She was becoming stagnant in her previous position. She deserves upward mobility.
I walked to the library, called my sister, and spoke to a few other friends. Something about Monday motivates me to reach out to my people. I suppose making it a priority feels natural at the beginning of the week.
I thought about my friend who lost her daughter. All of the newness of what it means for her. Trying to be present for her other daughter but so stuck with what happened. Being unable to truly function. It reminded me to be thankful for all of the moments in my life. I have so much gratitude for where I am right now. How far I have come and where I am going. I am fortunate, for sure.
Next month, I have the opportunity to spend some time in Oregon, dogsitting, my running buddy, Pete. I am still coordinating the trip and hoping to spend an adequate amount of time with Jade and her family, too. Plus, the weather should finally be lovely. No jeans necessary.
Each day is a gift. Make use of it and enjoy!

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