Tuesday, June 28, 2011

shout outs to---

Woke up this morning intending to go for a run. Lingering, in bed, I journaled for about ten minutes. I am trying to unleash creativity in my life. At some point, I read a book that suggested journaling, first thing, daily, three pages. Even if it was the same sentence, over and over and over, it was the effort of releasing it that was important. I realize that I self censor frequently. I need to let go of some of my limitations.
Journaling delayed the run. Possibly postponing it all together. Excited. Not lying. I can be lazy, unmotivated and negative about running. Today, definitely could have been postponed until I looked outside and realized that it was over cast. Perfection. I had to go. There was no way out. Rarely, are there days this ideal, in terms of the running conditions here. I stretched, grabbed my visor/sunglasses and headed out. Oh, and I have upgraded my visor. My beloved one is in a drawer, resting. I think I finally washed it after running numerous 1/2's and two marathons. I was afraid that I would jinx my performance if I washed the visor. I know, it sounds crazy. It made sense to me.
Currently, I am sporting a visor advertising my friend's bar in Mexico. I am still working out the kinks and adding salt to it to make it look overused. My old visor is ideal for running. I want this one to be my new go-to visor.
Anyways, I take off and it is fantastic. I feel wonderful and I am not overheating. I listen to the Rolling Stones and consider what day it is. Yesterday, I finally sent a card off to my friend, Jenny. I have known Jenny since she was ten years old. She was my neighbor and best friend for the remainder of grade school, the beginning of middle school and recently, we reconnnected in Denver. High school separated us. My parents divorced and we relocated to the north side of town. Still, we attended the same high school. We just had different interests. I had to work. She didn't. Our memories of high school differ greatly.
Regardless, she is my friend and will continue to be. We reconnected in Denver and had started to meet every two months for happy hour. Until, things changed for both of us. I miss those happy hours. I sent her a card to wish her happy birthday and catch up. I hope we are able to catch up over food and soon.
Back to the running aspect...I have another friend who, also, is celebrating a birthday today. Brett, one of my favorite Canadians. Brett and I participated in a running group in Denver and celebrated in Vegas. I ran the full and he tackled the 1/2. Awesome memory. I wish each of them a lovely day. I am sure that Brett will celebrate to the fullest. I don't know if he will go running, per se, but a few vodka sodas are in order. I know that they had a spontaneous celebratory dinner on Sunday.
I began celebrating by running and will conclude today by playing volleyball. Love the new routine on Tuesday. I considered taking a day off to heal the scab factor on my knees. Both knees are displaying lovely little strawberries of the last two Tuesdays. Someone suggested knee pads, but that doesn't look tough. That looks soft. I try not to dive, but that isn't truly playing in my book. I am finding that I really enjoy volleyball. My only regret is not finding teams to play the last 8 summers. I have missed out.
Happy Birthday to Brett and Jenny. Celebrate, enjoy and be happy!

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Nancy said...

You must be very fit, Harmony! Good for you - glad you're enjoying the volleyball, too. I also have a favorite visor - I understand not wanting to give one up that is comfortable. They are usually too tight.