Saturday, January 7, 2012

day off

And, now I know, why they call it whole paycheck....omg...fell in love with the market in Chandler.  The location is a little too suburban (for me) and parking lot could be nightmarish, but today, I was pleasantly surprised.  No parking issues. 
I walk in and am in awe.  Clean, organized and oh, did I mention, the beer/wine bar?  Hello, blissful mecca.  I chose a wine, sat at a cabaret table and read a book.  I did make a notation regarding the wine I was drinking.  I have this awesome new wine book and am committed to using it.  Thank you, J & T!  I opened my cultural studies book and thought of my past.  How I knew the author and some of our mutual acquaintances/friends, even.  Cotten was a mentor of mine in college (still is to a certain degree).  I took his advice regarding classes to take while in college and travel as I have gotten older.  I legitimately respect his perspective.
He's published.  I bought a few copies and gifted one to an old of boss of mine.  I planned on giving it to both brothers, but think, the younger one annoyed me and so I kept his copy for myself.  I have traveled with the book and the other night mentioned it to Brandon.  I believe he would enjoy the book especially with his academic background.  I wanted to find it--a), and b) take a stab at it myself.  Ideal for the cabaret seating.  First, I sample the wine, though.  A zinfandel, from Healdsburg and high in alcohol.  That is what I tasted....a hot wine.  Nice. 
I texted a few people and contemplated my dinner plans.  I was in a market with endless possibilities.  I was interrupted to hear--aren't you Harmony?
Thought so....I looked over and looked over and looked again.  Nah, that isn't her.  But, you would responded.  How have you been?....
This has occurred a fair amount the last few days.  Running into people in Phoenix from a restaurant that worked at over ten years ago.  It is funny.  Roy was kind and we caught up briefly.  He returned to his beer and I resumed my affair with the hot wine.
I paid the tab and shopped.  Perused the wine supply and bought coteswold cheese instead.  Love that cheese.  I remembered I had excellent vegetables to utilize and rotini.  Wouldn't a sangiovese be delightful with homemade sauce?
I stopped at a wine store and checked out their supply.  Familiar with what they offered since I frequent it often and so I continued to their tasting room.  Filled with about 7 people--all drinking beer.  I asked the bartender for a wine list and a glass of water.  Somehow, he never fulfilled that task.  Busy texting and looking cool.  No, I am not being facetious.  This guy really texted the majority of my time in the bar.  No water either.
I finished my wine and asked for my tab.  I returned to the liquor store and chose a few wines.  I have a friend that is visiting in a few weeks and need to stock up.  From experience, I know.  Must be prepared with wine and some munchie type of foods.  Hummus, cheese, tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil.  All complement wine.  She is gluten free and so I must resist the urge to buy bread, flour tortillas or pasta.  Her visit will be about wine and vegetables.  I should probably detox until she arrives. Her visit will be exhausting.
Regardless, today was a great day.  It began with a 6 mile run, followed by coffee and a relaxing agenda.  Never again will I attempt to do laundry on Saturday either.  Outside of that misstep, glorious day. 
In other unrelated news...I sent a package (wine glasses and charms) to a friend that I recently visited.  Wine glasses because (I think, but do not have conclusive knowledge) I broke one.  It is the right thing to do.  I found some glasses and wine charms.  Coudn't resist the charms since they reminded me of sunflowers.  I wrapped the box and sent it west. 
He texted--did you send a package?
Nothing else.  No thank you, no comment on the wine charms or anything.  I didnt't think he opened it.  Then, I was curious and asked if he received the wine glasses.  Immediately, he responded---yes, that is why I texted you the other day about the package.
I asked if he liked wine charms....what?  what wine charms?
Didn't you read the card....what card?
At this point, I am confused.  I know that I put a card and wine charms in the box along with four wine glasses.  I tell him that the card explained the charms.  Perhaps he couldn't read the card was my thought.  It wouldn't be the first time.  Those of you on the receiving end of xmas cards, birthday, thank you....can attest to that.
Regardless, I don't hear anything for awhile.  Then, I get a text---I went dumpster diving and found your card/sunflower charms--thank you.
Too funny.  Life is grand.  Enjoy yousr~

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