Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wednesday woes

3:45 a.m.  Yes, insomnia, again.  I checked out my e-mail, daily blessing and found a video on-line.  Thirty minutes later I was able to go to sleep.  Needed it and slept in til my alarm went off.
7:45.  Awesome.  I opted to ignore it.  I wanted to sleep and I wasn't concerned that my landlord was coming over between 9-10.  I figured, I would shut my bedroom door and have her attend to the kitchen sink.  Yesterday I called her to relay an issue with it.  She agreed to stop by (maybe) yesterday.  Of course, that didn't work out.  Meanwhile, I dropped my phone in water and couldn't revive it for a few hours.  I rushed around hoping to contact my running date via e-mail and Brandon to confirm our potential meetups.  Brandon and I met for wine at Trix and Jeff and I ran a loop around the lake.  Thankfully, I had both of their e-mail accounts.  I met Jeff for the run and returned home to find that my phone was functioning.  Yea.  Super happy to not have to buy yet another phone. 
The run went well.  He increased his pace and agreed to sign up for a half marathon.  It's time and I told him so.  I said, quit saying, I will never run a half're right, you won't with that attitude.  However, 2012 is a new year and an excellent time to attempt a 1/2.  That is what I told him while running the loop.  I think we are committed to a weekly run. 
Returning home, I found that my landlord had called to let me know that she would be over between 9-10 this morning to check out the kitchen sink issue.  I have figured out that she is like most landlords--unwilling to fix a problem in a timely manner.  I wonder if I was late a few days with rent what my consequences would be.  Today, she called to say, I am sorry, but I have other issues to attend to.  I could stop by Saturday, no, Sunday.  You can just turn the valve off til I am able to look into it.  WTF?  Why am I paying you to not take my calls seriously?  Annoyed to say the least. 
In addition to the insomnia, I was congested.  Reminder, I need to take care of myself.  My immune system is weak (apparently).  I hate being sick. Instead of attending the wine tasting this afternoon, I postponed it for a week and scheduled a massage, tomorrow.  I think it will be an ideal way to rid myself of more toxins.  Also, I might be able to sleep tonight.  I remain hopeful and excited for upcoming massage.  It is going to be a wonderful day.

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Nancy said...

I really hate it when I can't sleep through the night. It makes the next day harder. I also have the upper respitory monster. Don't push too hard if your lungs are not up to speed. As for landlords that don't come when something needs done - we can only hope they get it together before needing to look for a new place. Maybe with turnover, they'll get the idea. Take care!