Wednesday, January 25, 2012

yoga studio found

Most excellent experience.  I arrive early to communicate that I am intererested in attending the class and that it is my first time at the studio.  The instructor asks me if I have done yoga in the past.  My response, I moved from Denver.  She goes, oh, core power.
Yes, I was a member of core power and so we chit chatted their studio, a bit, and she told me that her daughter lived in Denver.  Ah, no wonder you are familiar with core power.  Anyways, she offers to set my mat up for me while I fill out some paperwork.  She asks if I want to be near the door for air flow and I am like--sure, I can handle this. 
The class was a mix of traditional bikram poses and the vinyasa flow.  She incorporated a few ending poses which confused me.  We were approaching the hour mark and I noticed a few people gathering their things and heading out.  I laid there and thought, I thought this class was an hour and twenty minutes....must have looked at the schedule wrong.  So, I get up, gather my things and head to the door.  April stops me and asks--are you okay?
I was and at that point, I realized that there was in fact, twenty additional minutes to contend with.  I opted to leave since I was hot and had profusely sweat through my yoga pants.  Next time, I am wearing shorts.  I was miserable with the amount of clothes I had on and was sweating through.  Yuck!
Regardless, I loved the class and thought April was lovely.  There was a mix of men and women, ages and level.  I felt comfortable and cannot wait to return.  Plus, they offer a two week trial period for $20.  That is awesome.
Side note...two days without coffee. I am happy to say that I feel great and am enjoying the green tea.  I am dependent on coffee, normally, I love it and I want to alter that habit.  Drinking tea is different.  There is the caffeine to satisfy my addiction and lessen the intensity of the withdrawal headache.  I just feel less full from drinking tea if that makes sense.  We'll see.
I must get ready for work and figure out my yoga class for tomorrow.  I am definitely going.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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