Wednesday, January 25, 2012

tuesday night

Night off.  Skipped the mandatory run and opted for a lovely bottle of wine to accompany a meal.  Inspired by wine and unmotivated to run. 
Really.  Truly.  Seriously.
I could have run; but felt, why do it?  I was not in the mood.  Instead, I visualized sauteed tomatoes, onions and garlic.  I had several containers of tomatoes for Jean's visit.  We had a few tomatoes the initial night but that was pretty much it.  Two containers of grape tomatoes remained unopened in the fridge.  I couldn't get past the image and eventually, I texted my running partner that I wanted a rain check.
He responded that he was fine with it and that, he, too, was hesitant to run.  I texted that I appreciated his understanding and left it at that.  Not that I wasn't interested in his reason for not wanting to run, but only wanting focus on my reason for postponing.
I drove home, stopped by my favorite little farmer's market and returned home.  Opened the remainder of a delicious cabernet from Sonoma and began prep work.  I cut onions, tomatoes and garlic.  I waited for the vegetables to cook down, meld and overwhelm me with flavor.  Delightful.  Amazing.  Absolutely loved Tuesday dinner. 
Afterwards, I sorted through the piles of paper that cover my kitchen table.  Bills, christmas cards, to-do lists, etc.  I walk past it, daily, and note that I must clear the table.  Finally, I tackled the table last night.  I sorted what was necessary/unnecessary and now have a beautiful table to utilize again. 
My dad is visiting in March and I woke up, this morning, with the realization that I must buy a couch and yesterday.  I will have to give him my room.  I love my yoga mat but it isn't that comfortable.  I  have six weeks to find a couch as well as get fitted for the lovely bridemaid dress.  Wedding in September requires fitting by March.  Not looking forward to that fun little appointment either. 
Things to do and lines to cross off the to-do list.  Happy Wednesday~
I am heading to a yoga studio and have the intention of making it a regular thing in my life.  I enjoy yoga and feel that I truly benefit from it.  When I first returned to Phoenix, I found an instructor I enjoyed but her approach to the class changed.  Initially she taught the flow series with some yin yoga involved.  Eventually, the class focus shifted to all yin yoga classes which I do not particularly enjoy.  I stopped going with the hope that I would locate another studio and quickly.  Five months ago....
Looking forward to the class.  Namaste!

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