Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday thoughts

Work.  Wine Taste ( a little).  Running.  Yes, in that order.  I managed to enjoy a day shift, taste a few samples of wine and go running.  The wine factor and running were subpar.  One of the reps canceled and offered to meet me tomorrow.  I declined.  I work tomorrow night in the closing sense and have arranged to be available on Tuesdays for that purpose.  Twice, this particular rep, has offered to meet me Wednesday and twice, I have declined.  I don't want to get in the habit of meeting on Wednesday.  I am the Tuesday gal.
Running went okay.  My running partner showed up later than anticipated.  I was considering postponing due to being annoyed when I decided to just roll with it.  He called me, a few times, to question the path I wanted to do.  He was unfamiliar with the area and wanted to make sure that it was safe.  All, I could think of, was--we are running to Scottsdale.  How unsafe is that?  There are probably more vagrants in Tempe near the Town Lake.  But, what do I know?  I like running on trails.
Still, the pace was good, for me, and then, I missed my ipod.  Next time I run with this guy, I am bringing it.  I know he starts strong, slows down and then sprints the last 50 yds.  I prefer running consistent throughout.
Afterwards, I took off.  I know that he wanted to hang out and talk but I was hot and wanting to shower.  All I could think was why am I not closer to my house (shower)?  Or, if you had beside me instead of behind me, we could have discussed everything you want to talk about now postrun.  I took off because I didn't care.  Sounds terrible and honestly, I do appreciate this guy for meeting me to run.  Yet, he could push himself to keep up instead of talking himself into a lackluster performance. 
A friend is in town but after meeting him for lunch tomorrow, I know, tonight is lowkey.  Ironically, I believe, Jonny found me my next home.  I wish that I loved, loved, loved my rental property.  I don't.  My landlord is like all other landlords....lame.  She does things on her own terms.  The lease is set up to her benefit and I pay rent in a timely manner.  I call her to fix issues and am forced to wait 4-7 days.  I know what would happen if I waited a week to pay rent.  According to the lease, I would owe an additonal $350.  Seriously.  I want to wait though as a point since she always makes me wait to fix issues in rental and after living here since September I recognize that every issue I have confronted was one in which she knew about and opted to not fix prior to my moving in.  That is the definite rub.  The fact that she knew that the stove wasn't working or that the sink wouldn't shut off or that the blinds wouldn't open and decided to not change any of it.  I am annoyed. 
Tomorrow, I plan on running and enjoying life.  BTW...the Goddess is Aunt.  Welcome to the world Brooks Matthew--you are celebrated and loved.  After hours of waiting, you finally arrived.  It is exciting!
I hope your Tuesday went well.  As much as I sound negative (running partner, landlord), I am blisshful and grateful for my surroundings.  Wine, too.

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