Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Memory

Granted, this was last Monday, but what a sight.  Pure bliss.  I love the ocean and it was a beautiful day.  I should have taken photos of my breakfast burrito or fish taco that accompanied my San Diego adventure.  Well, maybe not.  They were good, but I believe, there are others that are phenomenal.  You know, the ones that you cannot stop talking about. 
For example, I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for a few months while in college.  Spanish language requirement and all.  Monday-Friday, we walked by a fish taco stand, admired the guy's fitness and mocked his teeth.  I know, immature, especially, after seven months of commenting that his teeth were jacked up, we realized that he knew english and had heard every time we talked about his teeth.  Humbled, we decided to finally try his fish tacos.  They were amazing and then we kicked ourselves for not trying them earlier in the summer.  He offered fish, calamari and shrimp tacos.  I bet Jean still remembers how fantastic the baja tacos were.  That is what I am determined to find in San Diego during my next visit.  Since it is close to Phoenix and I want to check out Temecula too, I see, a visit in the near future. 
Regardless, Happy Monday and enjoy~
I couldn't resist revisiting how glorious last Monday was.  Stunning day.  I wish that I was there now instead of heading into work later today.  I love my cellar job but miss having only one day off a week.  On my day off, I do laundry, run errands, and ultimately, find a wine bar.  Shocking, right?  I miss the days of having two days off in a row.  Travel easily happened.  Last night, I made pasta with vegetables and tossed it with a tomato sauce.  I want to use my  kitchen more and stop dining out unnecessarily.  Moreover, I want to utilize in season vegetables.  The new year motivates me to alter some of my habits and work on my weaknesses.  Last year, my sister, Jade, told me--pick up some meat for dinner.  I remarked, that isn't really in my wheel house.  I like cooking but what I am comfortable with.  Coming from her, she has three kids and it's normal to have a protein, starch and vegetables whereas I could live on guacamole, salsa and chips.  I convinced her that if I were in charge of dinner, well, then I would make what I was comfortable with.  I did not pick up any protein that evening.
Sangiovese accompanied my pasta last night.  Lovely.  I made some reference to it on facebook and my friend, Agnese, told me I should visit Italy if I enjoyed the sangiovese.  I concur.  I hope to visit her this year.  Italy is a place that I have dreamed of going.  Food, wine, olive oil, etc....history, museums and wine, again.  I feel it is time to set my sights on it and make it a priority. 
Until them, enjoy your day and I will enjoy remembering last Monday.

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