Wednesday, January 11, 2012

travel aspirations (somewhat)

Yesterday, a friend texted me to see if I would be interested in a girls' weekend getaway to celebrate her bachelorette party.  Confused about it since originally I had suggested something like that only to be met with--I want to do it before the wedding.  People are traveling to Denver and I think having it closer to the wedding would be preferable.  I am excited for her nuptials.  It's a lot of work though.  I had forgotten how much planning/preparation go into being part of the wedding party.  There is the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding itself, etc.  I already know that I will be unable to be present at each function.  If they have an engagment party I am probably out.  Work, being in Phoenix and other things take priority unfortunately.
I sort of forgot about the wedding.  I have been busy with work, running and dreaming of other places that I want to visit this year.  For example, I want to go to Italy.  I have a friend that lives in Venice and she has invited me countless times to make the trip.  Last year, I was busy with stateside travel and family/friends.  I put it off til it was too late to make it happen. 
This year, I intend to go.  It will require some planning and compromise from some of my co-workers but it will be great and I know that it will happen.  However, wanting to go to Italy and planning a girls' weekend for a bachelorette party cuts into my travel time.  Then, there is my dad's visit to Phoenix, Shari and my annual trip to celebrate Brian, my affair with Temecula/wine countries in Cali and half marathons that I want to run.  I would love to do it all but understand that something must give.  In this case, it's probably the girls' weekend.  I suppose I am being unfair about this because their wedding date is a week before my birthday.  It requires a weekend in Denver.  I love Denver but I sort of unvisioned spending this birthday in Napa.  That would be a stretch to pull that off after heading to Denver for 5+ days a week before it. 
I think I can make some of it work.  I did put it out there to the other attendees of the wedding to assess their thoughts regarding the bachelorette party.  Anything is possible with planning.  If they are interested in a girls' weekend before September, maybe, it will work.  I asked them to be honest about their interest, commitment and finances.  I don't know any of these girls and I want to make sure they are comfortable with a trip.  We'll see.
I do know that I will go to Italy.  Why wouldn't I?  Food, WINE, olive oil, history, my friend lives....I would be a fool to not go. 
I think I may have offended my friend when questioning the weekend trip.  It was not my intention to do so, but, right now her focus is the wedding and mine is not.  I understand her desire to talk about it, plan it, love it, etc, but I am just not there yet.  I need to find a balance and show her that I am happy to be part of her celebration and excited for her.  I am.  I just have other things that excite me, too.  I thrive on travel plans and could talk about that all day.  In that respect, I do understand her wedding planning and how it can be consuming. 
So, it remains undecided for the time being---the girls' weekend, that is.  Italy is a definite as well as Shari's trip, my dad's trip and my desire to return to Temecula.  Oh, and my sisters should visit, too.  Each of them.  I think Jasmin will be unable to since she just had a baby, but, Jade and Michaela could definitely make a trip to the Valley if they decided. Jade enjoyed Phoenix the first time out.  She still speaks fondly of a mexican joint that I frequent.
Anyways, more on this later.  I must start the day~

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