Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Memory

Cable car.  San Francisco.  Post Irish Coffees with Sara Jo and the Goddess.  The Goddess took the photo.  Miss both of those ladies.  I was talking to the poodle (Jean) about my life in Phoenix and how much I missed having multiple girlfriends in the same area.  I loved that about Denver.  There was Sara Jo, Goddess, Pocketsize, Jenn, Dr. Bryn, Tiffany, Brie, lil Mel, on and on and on.  I had lots of ladies to hang out with.  I still am figuring out Phoenix and there are a few girls I work with that I know I could enjoy a glass or two of wine with.  It's all about making it happen.
Til then, I have fond memories of my friends, of San Francisco, of wine (of course)....

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