Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday Memory (late)

Jean is visiting me in Phoenix.  Let the debauchery begin.  If only, Michaela would have made the trip, too.  Then, I would be fearful of what could happen the next few days with the two of them in tow.  This photo was taken while wine tasting in Woodinville, Washington.  I cannot remember the exact winery but I know it was in an industrial, more urban, type of environment.  It concluded our mini tour of wine tasting.  I remember being surprised that Michaela drank wine with us since the night before we all had a little too much.  Typically, she refuses to celebrate if hungover. 
Anyways, happy wednesday.  Lately, I have been reminded to enjoy the moment and stop trying to worry the future.  I am HAPPY now, in this moment.  Especially, today, where I am able to tour the valley with a dear friend.  Tonight might be interesting.  We are meeting one of Jean's friends that lives on the west side.  She asked Jean if she could stay at my house to avoid the drinking/driving factor which I completely understand.  However, I have a queen bed.  No sofa yet.  I think I might be sleeping on my yoga mat tonight to be accomodating to Jean's friend.  I want to strongly advise her to take a cab back to the west valley in all honesty.  My lifestyle tends to be frugal in the "things" department.  I prefer dining out and travel to purchasing things to spruce up my space.  Regardless, enjoy your wednesday and know that I intend to fully taste life today~ 

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