Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Insomnia (again)

Insomnia.  Awesome.  This seems to be the way I wake up lately.  Thinking, reflecting, unable to stop analyzing (something, whatever) and so I go on-line to fully wake up and embrace the new day.  Foolish.  I could definitely use a few more hours of sleep.  Jan told me when this happens I should try eating a handful of almonds to reset my blood sugar.  Maybe tomorrow night.  It could happen.
Tonight, I have a running date planned.  My partner, Jeff, is friendly and accomodating.  He drives down from Cave Creek to run a lake loop with me.  For me, it would be way too far to only run a loop.  He is new to running and just wanting to establish a routine.  I hope to motivate him to sign up for a half instead of continuing to believe that he will never be able to do one.  I thought like that once, too, and now have completed eight half marathons.  I know it is up to him to decide that he wants to complete a half marathon.  I am here to help him build a running foundation. 
I work, today, and think about all of the necessary tasks that we should be doing on a daily basis.  Deep cleaning wise.  Thankfully, we have the bar mat removal set up already.  Justin and I both agreed to have that task managed.  We talk about other chores but neither of us have mandated that it happen.  I keep waiting for him to do it and I think he believes the same.  Ultimately, I will end up figuring out a cleaning schedule due to annoyance of it not being done.  I like a clean work area and recognize that although I believe it's common sense to clean the cooler out, under the bar mats, etc., not everyone else feels the same way.  It's easier to think that someone else is doing that task.  Guilty, here, too.  Until today.  I will start the cleaning schedule to stop being lazy.
After work and the mandatory running date, I arranged to meet up with an old friend of mine.  Brandon and I go way back to the my earlier stint in the valley.  We met since he lived across the street from the bar I worked at.  According to him, I was his favorite bartender and we struck up a quick friendship.  From knowing him, I have cultivated a few lifetime friends--Carrie and Cedric in Las Vegas to note a few.  Brandon is extremely busy and rarely do our schedules align.  He has teaching, work and an active social life.  Let's just say he can be nonstop drama if he chooses.  In the recent past, we have attempted a meet up drink/wine and it's never occurred due to constantly changing schedules.  However, I am determined, tonight, to make it work.  He lives a half mile from me and there are several establishments within walking distance that will provide drinks.  I am leaning towards an outdoor bar with an extensive wine list.  As Brandon noted, it would be a nice nod to our past.  I agree.
I think of my next month.  I have a friend visiting me and a half marathon to complete.  Jean is returning to Phoenix to see me.  It's ironic.  The reconnect with Brandon and Jean's visit both are things that I had in my life while living here the first go around.  Actually, Phoenix is the only place that Jean has visited me at.  Otherwise, it's always been me going to her.  Seattle is not a bad place to visit...just saying.
I would love to return to San Diego to explore Temecula if at all possible.  Or, I could postpone that venture til Shari and my annual trip at the end of February.  We are still undecided on how to celebrate Brians' anniversary.  It will be six years.  I cannot believe it.  Last year, we went diving in Belize and at the seven year mark, we plan on a spiritual trip.  We considered Sri Lanka but I think we both agree that a warmer climate is enticing. 
The six year anniversary will be be lovely and low key.  San Diego is close, Sedona is a destination that has eluded us in the past or we could drive to Santa Fe.  Either way, we will begin the celebration in the southwest.  Phoenix could work, too.  Staycation.
I want my dad to visit and need to arrange that, too.  He should be returning to Missouri today and have time to look at his schedule. 
Healthwise, outside of running, I hope to work on my upper body strength.  Until I seriously research a gym membership, I have a strength training video that seems to work.  Then there's yoga.  I want to find a studio that will welcome me.  In Denver, I frequented the--McDonald's of yoga studios--acccording to an acquaintance of mine and after some consideration agreed with her.  They didn't cap class size which annoyed me after awhile.  I tired of having to arrive 30 minutes early to find a space for my mat.  This company continues to grow which is awesome for them but I ended my membership.  I want to find a studio here that has a great flow series and is in the east valley.  When I first returned, I found a studio in east mesa that I liked.  The instructor, Vanessa, was approachable and open to suggestions.  I loved that about her, still do, but they changed the concept to a yin style class.  I am uninterested in holding a pose for five+ minutes and so that studio no longer was an option.  I figure that I will stumble into the ideal studio and soon.  There must be a groupon or living social deal that specializes in this need of mine.
Well, now that it's six, I might as well make coffee.  If I experience insomnia, again, I will find almonds....

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