Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Memory

Do you have fond memories of your childhood?  I do.
I remember playing with the neighborhood kids all summer long.  Nothing else mattered.  We would spend all day long outside since that was typical.  Chores done and from there we were free.  No responsibility or having to be home under parental consent. 
I spent a few weeks ago in California and mostly went to see the ocean.  Compelled to go, I contacted a friend and mentioned my want.  He concurred and promptly drove me to the beach.  He mentioned the sea creatures and how if you touched them they would close up.  Funny.  Such a kid.  I swear.  He was completely at ease playing with the sea anenomes. 
Today, I skipped work to hang out with my friend, Jonny.  He was visiting and I took that opportunity to enjoy a day off.  We met at a lovely lunch spot for wine and considered the day.  National championship, drinks, food (where), etc....Early part of day was lovely.  Nice lunch, conversation and then we meandered with the evening.  He had a date but didn't know how committed he was to it.  I visualized my exit.  Still, I sat thru a few beers and random converation.  At one point, i excused myself and headed outside.  I was ready to conclude my night.
Now, I am thankful for Monday, a day off and wine.  Grateful for being/feeling like a kid too.  How innocent that point of life is.  Blissful, uncomplicated and free...I do remember being a kid.

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