Monday, January 23, 2012

Intro story to the last five days

Five days with Jean.  Too much fun.  Nonstop laughter and reminiscing.  Quick story.  There are too many to count from her five day trip.  However, this one stands out in my mind.
We were in Rocky Point with Jonny.  She asked me--what is your name for me...I mean, I know you have one for most people in your life...goddess, fisherman, barefoot runner, s.o., etc.
I looked at her and said--actually, I call you Jean.  You don't have a name.
She responded that she was surprised since most of my stories had nicknames for friends.  Still, I remained firm that--to me--she was Jean.
We head to Pelican Point with roadies and reflect on how beautiful the ocean is.  Lovely day and we did take in the moment.  Afterwards, Jonny drove us to JJ's for a quick cocktail.  This is a cornerstone of Rocky Point for sure and Jean needed to experience it.  Teddy and Donna showed up.  These are friends of Jonny's that I have met on several different occasions.  Good people and always entertaining. 

We continued the bar tour of Rocky Point by stopping into the Wrecked Bar.  Right about sunset and it was stunning.  A few other Zonies were enjoying the Rocky Point attractions.  Jean, being Jean, starts talking to this threesome--two women and one guy.  Curious about their lives, she inquired about their history.  We continue the back and forth banter.  Eventually, the guy looks at Jean and I and says--lookie is the poodle and the rock climber.  I look at her and say--omg, that is your nickname...poodle.  Fitting.  Curly, uncontrollable hair that absolutely works for her.  She is gorgeous.  I think the poodle reference is cute but don't know if the nickname sticks for me.  I am not a fan of poodles, noted, in previous posts while running with the Goddess. Somehow, it wasn't truly a long run Saturday until we saw a standard poodle at which point I would comment to Lindsay how much those dogs freak me out.  So, no, I don't think I can actually refer to Jean as poodle.  Good story and another memory in about twelve years of visits between she and I. 
Happy Monday!

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