Saturday, December 15, 2007


My bus ride was difficult as people were snoring and the roads were challenging at points. I did receive some ear plugs, from Petra, my German friend the other night which came in handy. The bus wasn't full, but I couldn't get comfortable. I slept on my side and woke up aching on my right hip. I still am uncertain what I did to accomplish that. So, today, after I checked into the hostel and slept for a bit, I decided to incorporate some yoga into my life again. I feel so much better after an hour of yoga/meditation.
I am going on a wine tour in the McClaren Vale region tomorrow which is north of Adelaide. I hope to make it to the Barossa on Tuesday and stay until Thursday. I fly to Perth Thursday night and it should be interesting to be on the west coast of the country. I have heard wonderful things about it though.
Well, I hope that you are all well and enjoying wine. I know that I am. I hope to track down some Penfold's and soon.


Robin said...

Hi Harmony-Today, we finally took our holiday pic, after multiple takes (with the two dogs) we finally got one pic we could use. It was pretty comical. Stef and Erik came over yesterday and worked on the sugar cookie cutouts they are doing for gifts. Stef's cookies look like art work, mine and Eriks look like kids decorated them!! Pretty humourous.

Attended Terry's Christmas party last night, I got started drinking white russians, yum, but a bit slow today. I am drinking them this evening as well, OH HOW I LOVE THE HOLIDAY (no school). We still have not done one bit of shopping yet, I guess I will get that in this week.

It is cold and colder here in MN. I have not been out on my ski's yet, the cold just turns me off from skiing. I get chilled to the bone waiting for my buses, especially when they are 40 minutes or so behind schedule.

Take care, we love you

LaVay said...