Monday, December 17, 2007

Barossa Valley

I went on a tour today with 9 other people. We started at wolf blass and tried a few different wines. I paid to try the black label shiraz since there was no guarantee that I would be doing the expanded Barossa tour tomorrow. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't worth the additional cash. I felt that it should have been offered with the others. Plus, the lady that helped us wasn't really into the job. One of the guys with me, asked her what a reisling was and she said--it's a grape varietal. Well, he didn't know what that meant.
Next, we went to Maggie Beer's winery which wasn't great outside of the gourmet products they offered. Afterwards, we went to the Barossa Valley Winery where we had wines and lunch. Again, one or two of the wines were okay, but mostly, I enjoyed the McLaren Vale more.
Next, we went to Langmore which had 1o0+yr old vines. They had a fantastic viognier and I loved their cabernet and a few of their shirazes...things were looking up. We concluded at Chateau Tanunda and tried 14 different wines. They had 3 different shirazes from 3 different regions and they were my favorite. One was earthy, one was fruit forward and the other was a cooler climate shiraz. I enjoyed the funky, earthy shiraz. They also had a mouvedere, tempranillo and a red zinfandel. I was in heaven.
Tomorrow I will go to Penfolds--YES--and then a few other big name wines within the Barossa. wish me luck!!!!


Jadey said...

It sounds like you are right in your element--wine country! I have to say my wine drinking has picked up after hearing you talk about all the wines. Probably nothing you would like, mostly white.

Anyways, I think I'm finally finished shopping for Christmas! I have tried to go to the UPS store for the last 4 days to ship packages, but the lines have been so long I haven't been able to wait. So finally this evening I woke about 20 minutes before the store closed and threw on some clothes and rushed to the store. Anyways, I was extremely disoriented for some reason and when I parked my car it was somewhat sideways in the stall. As I was getting out of my car( dropping the packages on the wet ground)this lady came out and was like "Are you okay". I cracked up because I thought for sure she thought I was drunk! My crazy life.

I think Mic is coming over for Christmas eve this year. Instead of a traditional dinner I'm going to do a prime rib or brisket. Can anybody shed some light on how to cook a prime rib? I've never done one before.

Well, I love you but have to work tonight. Enjoy all the upcoming wine tours and keep us posted.

Love Jadey

harmony said...

No, I don't know how to prepare prime rib or is not in my family of goods that I eat.
I am sure that someone out there can help you out!
Yes, wine has been plentiful and I think my tolerance is going down. I was buzzed yesterday when i returned to the hostel. I didn't finish my little bottle of Penfold's mostly so that I wouldn't feel like crap today. Plus, I needed to check out of the hostel and make arrangements for Perth. I can't wait to go to the beach. I must admit, the holidays make me homesick for green chile and friends/family.
Michaela mentioned that she would be at your house for christmas eve. Have a wonderful night.