Monday, December 3, 2007

Sydney, Australia...

Last night, I tried to sleep and I set two alarms. I even heard one of them go off at 3. Next time I check, it's 4:22 am and I have definitely missed my shuttle to the airport. Frantic, I take a freezing cold shower and decide to find either a cab or someone that can get me to the airport. I see a guy at the hostel who tells me that there is a city bus that runs every 35 minutes to the airport. I decide to wait it out, hoping that the airport isn't as restrictive as the states.
I wait, wait, and wait and finally at 5:15 am the bus shows up. Of course, we have to go by all the other stops on the way to the airport and we make it at 6:00. My flight is supposed to leave at 7:10, according to the printout on my tickets, but when I go through security, it says that the boarding time is 8:40. I guess that is why you are supposed to confirm your flight with the airline before you make arrangements...anyways, I made it to Sydney and I am going to stay here for a few days before heading out to Melbourne. I fly out of Sydney on January 8th and so I figure that I can always return and explore the city itself. Australia is huge, ridiculous huge and I want to check out the wineries in Adelaide and hopefully, go diving at the Great Barrier Reef. To achieve this, I need to maximize my time and plan to do it all. I understand that it is better to fly between cities here and so I think I will be flying from Adelaide to Brisbane to check out the Gold Coast and then head back to Sydney. It could all change though.
Sydney is a beautiful city on first appearances...I am off to explore!


Jadey said...

I'm so happy you made it to Austraila safely. I have a friend out here in Oregon that travels there at least once a year. She absolutely loves it there. Is it spring time there right now? If it is, lucky you. Your missing all the crappy weather.
Tab and I went to the Ducks last game on Saturday. They lost. In fact they lost there last several games. Losing Dennis Dixson the quarterback was the final straw this season, too many injuries. In there final game the 5th string quarterback played. He looked pretty good considering. It was cold and rainy at the game. I of course worked the night before so I hadn't slept. Then I drank too much beer before the game so I was pretty miserable. I had to work that night on like 2 hours of sleep-that was fun. Ku is going to a BCS bowl-I thought you would be happy.
We went and had family pictures taken for the first time in 9 years the other night. I can't believe how old both of the kids look. Anyways, I just got the phone call saying I'm confirmed to work at the travel company, so I'm off the work right now. I love you and hopefully will hear from you soon. Enjoy Austraila
Love Jade

Jadey said...

Did you get the pictures of the kids? Let me know if you did

harmony said...

Yes, Jade I got the pictures, but could only see the first one since I am at the library and their computer is slow with attachments. I didn't want to hog the computer, but I will check out the photos later. I loved the first one. Your kids clean up nice!!!!