Thursday, December 27, 2007

Indian Ocean

It's amazing, but I have swam in all of the oceans and it feels pretty awesome. I think later, today, i will go and absorb the sun and waves on the beach.
Bunbury is a cute town. There isn't much to see outside of the dolphin preserve and the "cappucino" strip of 3 blocks of one street. I am entertained by the people--locals and of course, fellow travelers. This hostel is small and the kitchen in unusuable at night. There are a group of 10 asians staying here and they pretty much overrun the kitchen when they come in to cook. Last night, they made dinner and then decided to make a cake much to the dismany of the other travelers. I was smart and opted to go to dinner.
It is beautiful here and extremely hot. The flies still suck, but I am learning to deal with them. Hope all is well. I need to book a flight in South Africa and figure out the kitchen here. Take care--

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